iOS 14 suffers from an old Windows problem
iOS 14 suffers from an old Windows problem

The only thing we hate about operating systems is that we all remember that Windows went through this when those systems went through the stage of making changes and those changes were not generally approved. A step, as soon as we have a new user interface, after a few clicks, we will use the old elements and in many cases it seems that the problem is making a lot of changes to make changes and iOS 14 suffers from this problem and the problem is initially part of the program in the watch application.

You can now complete the process with a small bubble instead of using the old scroll wheel to put the time on the clock. This is definitely a good idea. You can enter time using the keyboard, but adding the keyboard option and disabling the touch user interface gets smaller. more effective. Not very user-friendly, which is what Apple's iOS 14 is struggling with.

Another thing that has been noticed is a mixture of old and new, especially in the Settings app. Obviously, in a few places, Apple has taken a lot of things into consideration to really help explain what was going on. Good picture of things, for example: display enlarging screen, you can access it by going to settings> display and brightness.

The confusion that became so evident in the Settings app reminds users of the popular Windows Control Panel where you have to find everything to search for manually or just use the incomplete search feature if it only works if you know what you're looking for, for example: Why: Is the job (Picture in Picture) hidden? If there are (Screen and Brightness), (Home Screen) and (Background) options under Settings, you will need to go to Settings Options and then General Options to access them. Why does Personal Hotspot get its own entry in Settings, but can it also be accessed over the cellular network?

There doesn't seem to be any logic in the way things are organized. The more options you add, the more confusing the new iOS 14 will be.

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