IPhone 12 hides the secret function of reverse wireless charging
IPhone 12 hides the secret function of reverse wireless charging

The FCC document references Apple's new iPhone 12 features that could someday allow the phone to wirelessly charge other accessories.

Apple's iPhone 12 series could hide an important feature that could have been introduced on the iPhone 11 last year. This feature is known as reverse wireless charging or "dual" wireless charging. This feature allows smartphones to use inductive charging coils to charge smaller accessories and even other phones.

Evidence that Apple's new iPhone line could support this feature was recently released in a regulatory document that lists the company's 2020 phone specifications, which VentureBeat (Jeremy Horowitz) apparently referred to to iPhone 12 phones earlier this year a month.

"In addition to being able to charge using the WPT desktop charger, the 2020 iPhone models also support WPT 360Hz charging function that can be used to charge accessories, including Apple's external accessories, in the future. It is used," Horwitz said.

While this is only speculation, the features described may be able to charge included MagSafe accessories, including unannounced devices like next-generation AirPods. Just yesterday, Bloomberg News announced that Apple will launch new AirPods models in early 2021, including: the second generation AirPods Pro.

There were rumors that Apple would reverse iPhone shipping in early 2019. At the time, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF Securities, predicted that the iPhone (i.e. iPhone 11 of this year) would be charging dual wirelessly. ".

Today's results show that Apple continues to use the load and capabilities of its MagSafe protocol. In theory, reverse wireless charging can be activated via a software update. However, it is unclear if and when Apple intends to do so.

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