Microsoft is bringing xCloud to iOS via the web
Microsoft is bringing xCloud to iOS via the web

Microsoft is developing a simple browser-based solution to roll out xCloud on iOS early next year.

According to a source close to Microsoft's plan, the software giant is developing a web version of xCloud that works on iOS and iPadOS devices.

The company continues to develop a standalone app to eventually run on the Apple platform.

Microsoft's director of games Phil Spencer recently introduced the company's browser-based (xCloud) development at an internal meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, Spencer said: We will finally bring (xCloud) to (iOS) and he said he is happy with the company's progress in iOS.

He added: According to a report from (Business Insider), we will finally reach the iPhone and iPad through (Game Pass), which was the first to transmit the news on the web version of iOS.

Apple prohibits services such as (xCloud) and (Stadia) from working on devices (iOS) through the App Store, and Apple has recently placed significant restrictions on these services.

Apple insists that developers use their broadcast technology to send the games as separate apps.

Microsoft and Google can create a list-style app that can capture and link all of these individual apps.

Microsoft wasn't affected by Apple's approach, so the possible release of the iPhone and iPad (xCloud) was overlooked.

Microsoft plans to release an early version of the browser-based solution in 2021 to bring game streaming service to iOS.

This version of the browser bypasses the App Store, just as Amazon uses the new game-streaming service (Luna).

During the same meeting, Spencer discussed the company's plans to deploy (xCloud) to personal computers.

Spencer sees the PC as a great opportunity for Game Pass and xCloud.

Microsoft's current goal is to offer game streaming service to Windows 10 PCs in 2021.

Microsoft has been testing an employee preview for several months and it will be introduced for the first time next year.

Apple's decision to ban the provision of game-streaming services for iOS has become a problem in an investigation by the US Congress's Antitrust Subcommittee on potential anti-competition practices by large tech companies.

According to a report released by the subcommittee this week, former Apple App Store manager Phil Shoemaker (Phil Shoemaker) has claimed that Apple will not allow services like Game Pass. Because it directly competes with the subscription service (Apple Arcade).

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