Microsoft is renaming the Bing search engine
Microsoft is renaming the Bing search engine

Microsoft has now renamed its Bing search engine to Microsoft Bing as part of its rebranding.

The US software giant announced the new initiative on its blog but did not say why it was added to the name of the search engine, but said it was "part of our integration." Continuous search experience across Microsoft's franchise.

This name change means that search engines are now using their updated logo on the homepage. It is not clear if the company will remove the old search engine logo and turn into a company-focused logo or whether it will be used in the future.

It should be noted that the company has been trying to use a new logo for the search engine (Bing) during the past few months, and some of these actions appeared temporarily on the company's search engine.

In recent years, the giant search company decided to add Microsoft to many of its products, including: the transfer (Windows Store) from the Windows Store to the Microsoft Store (Microsoft Store) and the recent change in the name of the service. Office app from (Office 365) Office 365 Switch to (Microsoft 365) Microsoft 365.

The Microsoft Edge web browser and Microsoft Teams videoconferencing service use the company's trademark, while the Xbox game console still does not use the corporate branding and Surface PC series.

In addition to this name change, the company is gradually improving the separate Microsoft Search product, which can be used to display results in Windows, Office applications, and more. Microsoft Search also appears in the Bing Engine to provide some form of intranet search for documents, etc., for businesses.

Last Thursday, the company announced its new Surface Laptop Go, which is designed as an affordable alternative to the company's other high-end devices.

This new laptop is one of the cheapest Surface devices available at $ 549.99. The target group is Chromebooks with Google's Google Browser OS. And only Surface Go 2 (Surface Go 2) costs more and only $ 399.

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