Microsoft warns of new ransomware
Microsoft warns of new ransomware

Microsoft has warned of new ransomware targeting mobile devices that would disable the mechanism behind the incoming call notification and the Home button, thus locking the screen on the user's device.

The new program is called (MalLocker.B) and contains very simple code. It is in the Android app, which can be downloaded from online forums and third-party sites.

MalLocker.B prevents users from accessing the rest of the phone instead of encrypting the victim's files, so it works similarly to most Android ransomware.

Once installed, the program controls the phone screen and prevents the user from rejecting a ransom note that resembles a message from a local law enforcement agency, informing the user that he has `` committed a crime and must pay a fine.

Ransomware (which claims the user has committed a crime and paid a fine) has been the most popular form of ransomware for Android in sixty years.

Ransomware abuses various functions of Android OS to prevent users from accessing content on mobile phone.

Previous methods include misusing the system warning window or disabling the ability to interact with physical buttons on the phone.

MalLocker.B is a new type of this technology where the program uses a two-part mechanism to display ransom notes.

The first part misuses the "incoming call" notification that is enabled for an incoming call to display detailed information about the caller and uses it (MalLocker.B) to display a window covering the entire screen area with detailed information about an incoming call.

The second part misuses the feature that is activated when the user wants to send the application to the background and switch to a new application. The function is triggered by pressing a button (as in the start page).

(MalLocker.B) Use this feature to display the ransom note again and prevent the user from exiting the ransom note or running other applications.

Users are advised to avoid installing Android applications downloaded from third-party websites such as: b. Forums and advertisements on unauthorized third-party websites or app stores.

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