Nest Audio: Google's new smart speaker
Nest Audio: Google's new smart speaker

Google officially announced a new smart speaker (Nest Audio) at its "Launch Night" event. This is the latest in a series of smart speakers powered by Google Assistant.

(Nest Audio) replaces the original (Google Home) release, which was released in 2016 as Google's smart mid-range speaker.

The company updated its popular Home Mini speaker and called it (Nest) at a Google event last year.

New speakers were added to the Nest speaker line this year to fill the void left by the company's recently discontinued original Google Home speakers.

And (Nest Audio) surpasses (Nest Mini) in terms of cost and specifications (Nest Max). Its price is $ 99.99. It will be available in 21 countries / territories on October 5th and is available for pre-order now.

Just like the Nest Mini, it's wrapped in fabric and you can choose from different colors.

When the loudspeaker hears or reacts to voice commands, four colored LED lights integrated into the fabric are lit.

You can choose between dark gray, light gray, green, pink or blue.

(Nest Audio) In addition to adopting a new design and updated sound, it also performs all the tasks of other smart home speakers supported by the Google Assistant, such as: controlling smart home devices and informing you of the weather.

You can pair multiple devices with a stereo or other multi-room audio setup.

Google claims Nest Audio is 75% louder and bass response 50% better than the Google Home it replaces.

Amazon is Google's main competitor in this area, as Amazon recently redesigned its popular smart speaker (Echo).

The Nest Audio competes with the Echo, which costs $ 99.

The main difference between them is the design as the Echo is now spherical compared to the rectangular shape of Google devices.

Voice assistants are also different, with the Google Smart Assistant running the new Google devices, while Amazon Alexa running Amazon devices.

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