New image classification algorithm that goes beyond human resolution
New image classification algorithm that goes beyond human resolution

Microsoft has developed a new algorithm for naming images that bypasses human resolution in some limited tests.

The AI ​​system is being used to update the company's “Seeing AI” app for the blind.

The artificial intelligence system should be integrated into other Microsoft products such as (Word), (Outlook) and (PowerPoint) as soon as possible.

AI systems are used in other Microsoft products to perform tasks such as: b. Create alternative text for images. This function is especially important for improving accessibility.

Microsoft said anyone can add alt text to images in documents, on the web, and on social media platforms. This allows blind people to access content and participate in conversations, but not others.

Several apps use closed captions to remove alt text, including the Seeing AI software released in 2017.

The app uses computer vision to describe the blind world using a smartphone's camera. It can recognize household items, read and scan texts, describe scenes, and even meet with friends.

It can also be used to describe images in other applications, including email, social media, and messaging applications (such as WhatsApp).

Microsoft's new caption algorithm can uniquely identify objects and describe the relationship between them, which greatly improves AI vision performance.

The algorithm can display images, identify existing objects and objects and interact with each other. According to Microsoft, the algorithm is twice the height of the image naming system in use since 2015.

This algorithm gets the best result for the standard (called unlimited) translation images.

In recent years, thanks to artificial intelligence, the tasks of naming images have improved significantly, and Microsoft's algorithm is without a doubt the latest technology.

The AI ​​image naming system is not only integrated into Microsoft applications such as (Word), (Outlook) and (PowerPoint), but is also provided as a standalone template via cloud platform and intelligence. Synthetic company (Azure).

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