NVIDIA is building supercomputers in the UK to support Corona research
NVIDIA is building supercomputers in the UK to support Corona research

US chip maker Nvidia announced plans, on Monday, to build the most powerful supercomputer in the United Kingdom, which will use artificial intelligence to help researchers solve urgent medical problems, including those related to the new Coronavirus (Covid-). 19) Covid-19.

Nvidia said: GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca, which are involved in coronavirus vaccine research, will be among the first pharmaceutical companies to tap into the device's potential.

The company added: The Cambridge-1 supercomputer, scheduled to start working on the Internet later this year in Cambridge, eastern England, will be the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD system, which can provide more than 400 petaflops of energy. 'Artificial intelligence. She said: This means that it is number 29 in the list of the 500 best supercomputers in the world.

Cambridge is also the home of ARM (British chip designer), and Nvidia has agreed to buy ARM from SoftBank in Japan for $ 40 billion.

Nvidia has already announced that it will create a flagship artificial intelligence center for the ARM supercomputer in the university city, which will serve as a hub for collaboration between British researchers, scientists and startups. The Cambridge-1 separate supercomputer is available to researchers from industry and science.

Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Hwang said in his GPU Technology report: “The Cambridge 1 supercomputer is set to become a center of innovation in the UK, helping UK researchers to lead the field of critical healthcare and drug discovery. ''

On Monday, Nvidia also formulated a multi-year plan to develop a new type of chipset for data centers in order to take on more tasks from its main competitor, Intel.

Nvidia said at a press conference: The models with limited functionality will be on the market in a few months and a full version is scheduled to be released within two years. It added that server companies such as Dell and Lenovo plan to integrate it into their machines.

NVIDIA chips have long been used to improve graphics in video games. However, in recent years they have helped speed up AI tasks such as image recognition. The chip is usually located next to the Intel Core processor, which will reject some computer work.

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