Pakistan bans TikTok for immoral and indecent content
Pakistan bans TikTok for immoral and indecent content

The Pakistan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TakiTok) banned TikTok last Friday after failing to review "unethical and indecent" content. It is another big hit for social media apps. It was increasingly examined.

The Communications Commission of Pakistan said: This ban is based on "complaints from all sectors of society about unethical and inappropriate content in video sharing applications." The authorities added that they will lift the ban based on the satisfactory illegal content removal mechanism provided by TikTok.

“It is committed to complying with the laws in the marketplace where the app is available,” said Tik Tok. As we continue to serve the vibrant and creative Internet community in the country. ''

TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, is rapidly gaining popularity by encouraging young users to post short videos. While many countries have raised security and privacy concerns about relations with China, their rapid rise has sparked them.

In June, TikTok was banned in India (the largest user market at the time) due to national security concerns over the border dispute with China. Additionally, the app can be blocked in the US and reviewed in other countries such as Australia.

Tik Tok has long denied that relations with China pose a security risk to other countries.

Earlier on Friday, three Pakistani officials told Reuters that Pakistan would impose a ban on shows. "We have repeatedly urged them to put in place an effective mechanism to prevent unethical and inappropriate content," a senior official directly involved in the decision told Reuters. However, the platform cannot fully satisfy the Pakistani authorities.

Pakistan is predominantly Muslim and its media system follows conservative social practices. In July, telecom regulator TikTok issued a "final warning" about objectionable content.

Another Pakistani official said: The decision was made after Prime Minister Imran Khan showed great interest in the matter, adding that Khan had instructed the telecommunications authorities to do everything in their power to prevent vulgar content.

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