Pompeo: Huawei’s investments are bargains and countries should ban investments
Pompeo: Huawei’s investments are bargains and countries should ban investments

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said: In a press interview on Friday, Huawei’s investment in China is not a normal commercial deal, but rather a “predatory deal” and all countries should ban it.

Pompeo told the Italian newspaper, Republic, after his two-day visit to Italy: "Your investments are not private because they are supported by the (Chinese) state."

He added, "(Huawei's investment) is a predatory behavior that no country should allow." He called on Europe and the United States to work together to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from succeeding abroad.

The president of Huawei in Italy said on Wednesday that the company is ready to conduct a full examination to prove that its technology does not pose a threat to countries that incorporate its devices into creating 5G networks.

"We will open the door and prepare for an autopsy to deal with all these political pressures," Luigi De Fitch said at the opening ceremony of the Huawei Cybersecurity Center in Rome, Italy. Davis made the remarks on the same day that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo began his two-day visit to Italy.

The United States is calling on Italy and other European allies to avoid using Huawei devices on 5G networks as the company may pose a security risk. Huawei has repeatedly denied the allegations.

"I can't say. A country the size of the United States is attacking another country by breaking up a company in that country with baseless allegations," Divx said. "Even under the tremendous pressure, Huawei does not intend to withdraw. The Italian market is considering adding products in areas such as energy," he added. He also said: "Given the current situation, Huawei is unlikely to withdraw from the market."

De Vicks said it was a coincidence that the event was held on the same day that Pompeii arrived in Italy. Since the government is using the so-called golden power on so-called strategic infrastructure, it is not aware of any problems with performing 5G transactions in Italy.

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