ALIENGT Joypad Replacement for Nintendo Switch
ALIENGT Joypad Replacement for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch ALIENGT Joypad replaces JoyCon controller, wireless controller, and remote joystick with programmable macro and turbo / 6-axis gyro / dual vibration support Nintendo Switch

ALIEGNT Wireless Gamepad - Latest Version

The latest version of Joypad features an ergonomic design, compact grip and supports three modes: Portable Mode / TV Mode / Desktop Mode.

In addition to the full set of buttons, the ALINEGT gamepad replacement for the Nintendo Switch Joycon console adds a programmable macro button. You can define the M key by saving the key combination. This simplifies the use of buttons and provides a chance to win the game. Come get yourself!

Add a button to define the macro

The programmable macro key allows you to select the M key by combining registry keys to achieve the multi-key function, which simplifies key operation and increases the chances of winning.

Two ways of charging

There are two ways to charge the control board: using the supplied Type-C cable for certified charging, or with a Nintendo Switch controller. Built-in 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, you will never go out of style!

Ergonomic design and SYNC coupling

With the SYNC button between the SL and SR button, you can pair the Joyboard and Nintendo Switch with one button, which is very easy and convenient! Please note that the system must be turned on to pair the gamepad.

ALIENGT Joypad Replacement for Nintendo Switch
ALIENGT Joypad Replacement for Nintendo Switch

  • 【ALIENGTC HIGH PERFORMANCE This gamepad console is specially developed for Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite devices. It supports 6 axes of rotation, dual motor vibration and turbo blast functions, which is very good for playing Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Airbrush 2, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, etc. A great alternative to the Nintendo Switch Joycon.
  • [1 of 3 modes, supports 3 modes: TV mode / laptop mode / desktop mode. In TV mode, you can install the control panel on both sides of the included handle to function as a key controller. In portable mode, you can connect a joypad to the controller to completely replace the Nintendo Joycon. In desktop mode, you can use it standalone, which makes it a perfect alternative to Switch Joycons.
  • 【Programmable Macro Key The control panel remote has programmable macro keys. In addition to the timing function, you can also select the M button by combining the record buttons to realize the multi-button function, which simplifies the button operation and increases the chance gain.
  • The ergonomic design and ergonomic design included in the package makes this Nintendo Switch Joy Con Gamepad replacement extremely comfortable and can be carried for hours without hurting your hands. Especially suitable for large hands.
  • [100% RISK FREE WARRANTY ALIENGT offers a promising 18 months warranty. You are your worry-free choice. Please rest assured that we will always stand behind our products and buy them with confidence.

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