AUTO-VOX RVS-SO-C Solar Wireless Backup Camera
AUTO-VOX RVS-SO-C Solar Wireless Backup Camera

AUTO-VOX Solar Wireless Camera, 5-minute DIY installation, 5-inch HD screen with wireless digital signal and HD images, waterproof reversing camera for cars and SUVs

110 degree viewing angle suitable for better representation

Three-way coverage 110 ° behind the vehicle can help you spot obstacles when reversing or parking.
The correct viewing angle of the camera can be perfectly matched with the 5 '' high-definition screen to achieve the desired effect and restore vivid and natural background images without distorting or enlarging the subject. Also, avoid image shadows and soft edge issues.

Before and after use

The camera supports mirroring and original photos, and you can install aftermarket cameras in front and back. It can help you avoid obstacles and friction effectively.

Adjustable stopping line

You can choose the ideal option from among 6 different parking lines as per your needs. The parking line can be closed.

Anti-interference, image stabilization

2.4G digital radio frequency hopping technology can prevent interference from other wireless signals such as radio, bluetooth, mobile phone, thunder and lightning, and make sure the image is stable without flickering

Install a rear view camera

License plate height must be less than 6.97 inch, otherwise Solar 1 cannot be installed.
The length of the license plate does not matter, but you need to make sure that the distance between the top screws is 6.57 "to 7.36".

USB charging

We recommend that you fully charge the replacement camera assembly before using it for the first time. When your car is in the parking lot, you can use the not supplied external battery to charge the replacement camera kit or to charge the socket with the USB cable (supplied).

The rear view camera is waterproof and durable

The camera is water resistant to IP 68, so you don't have to worry about washing your car or rain.

AUTO-VOX RVS-SO-C Solar Wireless Backup Camera
AUTO-VOX RVS-SO-C Solar Wireless Backup Camera

  • 5 Minutes DIY Can Save $ 200 - No Drilling, Wire, or Professional Installation Required! All you need to install the Wireless Reverse Camera Kit is a screwdriver! Save up to $ 200 in installation fees.
  • Powered by the sun: Solar1 maintains an electrical charge in the sun. You only need to charge it once a year and you can be exposed to full sun for 30 minutes a day. Even during the rainy season, a fully charged battery can last an average of 2 months (2-3 times a day).
  • Park your car safely in the dark at night: Solar 1 provides excellent visibility in the dark. Even in a completely dark environment, you can easily and safely park or park your car under poor light sources such as reversing lights.
  • Real-time static picture: The 2.4Gb digital radio hopping technology can prevent interference with other wireless signals such as radio, bluetooth or cell phones. The high-resolution sensor and 6 glass lenses ensure uniform image quality!
  • High compatibility with many vehicle types: Solar1's signal transmission distance is long enough, making it suitable not only for small cars, but also for medium-sized vehicles such as vans, trucks, and small recreational area vehicles (less than 33 feet).

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