Beacon Pet GPS Waterproof 4G Kids Smartwatch
Beacon Pet GPS Waterproof 4G Kids Smartwatch

Beacon Pet Kids GPS Watch, IP67 Waterproof 4G Smartwatch GPS Tracker Wifi Video Call Anti-lost Kids Watch Android SOS Alarm Install App 3-12 Years Boys and Girls Bluetooth Remote SIM Card

  • ⌚🎁 [Best fourth generation kids smartwatch] We have prepared the best smartwatch for kids, which will make your child feel very satisfied. 4G Kids Watch has touch screen, cool WiFi GPS function, very easy to use, you can use it to make pictures, pictures, voice chat, math games, alarms, anti-loss, SOS, lamp pocket, low power consumption, phone book. This is very suitable for birthdays / holidays / Christmas. Get a fourth generation smartwatch suitable for children. It is the best option now.
  • 🚩 Accurate GPS Activity Tracker 4G GPS tracker watch gives you wonderful and accurate positioning experience. When the GPS signal is strong, the GPS accuracy for kids can reach 5 meters. Although the GPS signal of the kids smart watch is weak, you can also position your baby using the WIFI or LBS signal. Kids GPS Watch family members can share app information on different devices. With GPS Tracking Watch, you can be sure that you can follow our children anytime anywhere.
  • 📷📶🔇 Cameras, games, WIFI connection and remote screen This fourth generation baby watch can help you and your kids keep communicating. You can also take photos, play kids games on GPS watch, share and save your interesting photos. For the smart kids who have the WIFI function but without the SIM card, the smart watch can also operate the remote control so that the parents can hear the baby's voice and check the situation.
  • MSSMS, Phone Call, Video Call, and SOS are more secure. You can send text and voice messages to your child's GPS watch using simple means like WhatsApp. In addition to making two-way calls, you can also make video calls through the kids smart watch tracking. Kids can also use the phone watch to initiate group video calls with friends or family by tracking children's smartwatch and sharing interesting things with each other. WiFi connection makes GPS kids watch video calls more stable and clear. This smartwatch for kids also provides SOS function.
  • 💦💡 Kids Smart Watch Waterproof, Flashlight, Variety Home Ip67 Waterproof, You don't need to take it off when it's raining, diving, swimming or washing your hands (but you need take it off when you shower due to hot water and steam. Baby smart watch can easily damage it. Flashlight included in kids smart watch settings. Here you can adjust the volume, brightness and display style of the panel.

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