BEBONCOOL Controller Charger Station for Xbox One
BEBONCOOL Controller Charger Station for Xbox One

Suitable for Xbox One and Xbox One / One X / One X / One S Elite, charging station with rechargeable battery, BEBONCOOL controller charger for 2x1200mAh controller charging station

BEBONCOOL Controller Charger for Xbox One Wireless Controllers

Stylish console charging station with console battery can increase performance to 400 + 800mAh for long time. Gamer-friendly Xbox Cradle Charging Dock, Easy to Insert and Charge.

Clear LED display
Bright and stable dual charging screen informs you of the Xbox console's charging status. Red indicates the base is charging the Xbox controller battery, while green indicates that the Xbox battery is fully charged. Always keep a spare battery for your controller while playing.

Use Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X / Xbox One Elite Controller. The battery and charger that works with all Xbox One consoles are convenient and worry-free for multiple Xbox console players. It is the best original replacement for Xbox One controller battery and charger.

Headphone player brings endless fun
The Xbox player with headphones has more capacity and can be used all day, much better than other brands of batteries. Even with the headphone connected to the console, the continuous playback time can reach 12 hours. If you use a wired Xbox headset on an Xbox console, you don't need to use much power.

BEBONCOOL Controller Charger Station for Xbox One
BEBONCOOL Controller Charger Station for Xbox One

  • [12 hours of continuous play] Upgrade the Xbox One player's battery to last up to 10 hours a day. Durable, long life, low power consumption, and longer battery life than regular Xbox. It is the best choice for Elite Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X / Xbox One players
  • Charge while gaming or just with the battery. The Xbox One Xbox One controller battery has an improved design that integrates the primary charger, power adapter, and charging kit into one console battery. More power and 3 charging modes are combined in one package. why not?
  • Auto-discharge function The Xbox One battery charger has built-in overcharging pad. When the Xbox battery voltage exceeds 2.8-3.0V, the charger will stop charging the battery and the red indicator on the Xbox charger will turn green. Safely protect your Xbox console and battery
  • (3 hours of fast charging) The Xbox 1 Battery Charger takes 3 hours to charge for more than 12 hours. With the dual battery, you can always have spare batteries for your Xbox One console. This is a large capacity rechargeable battery essential for Xbox One game parties with your Xbox friends
  • 1200 cycles] Say goodbye to handling the battery. More than 1200 rechargeable batteries can help you save a lot of old batteries. Invest in rechargeable batteries for your Xbox One console and avoid the hassle of replacing 1,200 batteries. Economical and environmentally friendly, enjoy life on Xbox games

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