BOSCAM Solar Wireless Rear View Camera
BOSCAM Solar Wireless Rear View Camera

Wireless Solar Reverse Camera, Drill-Free Wireless Mounting with Digital Wireless Reversing Camera, Universal Mount, Fit Most Vehicles (BOSCAM SunGo Pro)

SunGo Pro is compatible with most vehicles. If your car model is too long and the signal is weak, we can send you an antenna extension cable.

SunGo Pro uses separate media for flexible installation. Regardless of the car model, you can freely choose the installation site.

However, the built-in rack is stable and has little flexibility. It's easy to get confined to tables.

For example, the built-in handrail of the Audi A1 blocks the tailgate handle, but the reversing camera on the SunGo Pro can be used to change the mounting position without locking the door handle.

When the screen stops displaying, SunGo Pro can switch to power saving mode.

If you will not be using the camera for a long time, it is recommended that you turn off the camera to avoid battery drain.

For the detailed size of the rear view camera theme, please check whether this size is suitable for your car.

To get the detailed size of the camera's bracket spacing, make sure the license plate width is adequate.

As for the detailed dimensions of the solar cell holder space, make sure the width of the license plate or the location to be installed is appropriate.

BOSCAM Solar Wireless Rear View Camera
BOSCAM Solar Wireless Rear View Camera

  • [Installation in 5 minutes, you can finish it yourself! No wires, no holes, and easy to install. All you have to do is install the camera and solar panels on the license plate and then attach the license plate. The next step is to connect your car charger to the cigarette lighter and turn it off!
  • 【SUNPOWER monocrystalline solar charging solar module made of silicon The SunGo Pro reversing camera is powered by SUNPOWER monocrystalline solar module for solar charging, which enables you to achieve higher efficiency. With 30 minutes of sunshine a day, you can safely use the camera for 6 months without a USB charge.
  • [Global support, improved compatibility. Does this camera fit your car? SunGo Pro uses a separate chip for a more flexible fit. You can choose the installation site freely. High compatibility, suitable for pickup trucks, cars, SUVs, trucks, etc.
  • [Digital wireless connection, image stability and continuously encrypted digital wireless signal can ensure clear images. It fully tolerates signal interference from other devices (such as bluetooth, radio, etc.).
  • [The 0.1 Lux SunGo Pro low night power can operate in very dark conditions. Only SunGo Pro with its reversing lights can help you stop safely every dark night

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