Cenxaki Xbox One Stereo Headset Audio Adapter
Cenxaki Xbox One Stereo Headset Audio Adapter

Cenxaki Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Audio Adapter for Xbox One Compatible with Low-delay Wireless Headphone Speakers - Not Support Airpods

This wireless bluetooth headphone adapter from SweetCom. It features high-definition stereo quality, low latency, compactness, convenience, fast charging and other features.

  • Compatibility (Note: Not compatible with Airpods series and Beats wireless headphones) This product is manufactured by SweetCom. It only works with compatible Bluetooth wireless headphones with Xbox One headphones and speakers. Please make sure your console has a 3.5mm headphone jack. )
  • Convenience - The Wireless Headphone Adapter is easy to use, compactness, convenience and fast charging so that you are not affected by this external device while gaming.
  • HIGH QUALITY - This headphone adapter provides high definition stereo quality, low latency, long transmission distance and strong durability, so you can enjoy better gaming experience.
  • Simple and versatile connection mode with many function combinations. You can use the status indicator to monitor the current status of the headphone adapter. The microphone toggle button supports the chat function, and the multi-function button allows you to better manage the headphone adapter.
  • After Sales Service - We pass strict tests before leaving the factory to ensure it can be used normally. If the item you have received is damaged or unusable, please contact us!

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