COOAU Solar Panel Powered WiFi Security Camera
COOAU Solar Panel Powered WiFi Security Camera

COOAU Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera, 10400mAh Rechargeable Solar Battery Powered IP65 Waterproof Camera 1080P FHD Night Vision Motion Detection Two-way Voice

Why do we need COOAU wireless surveillance cameras for indoor and outdoor use?

Family safety is a big problem. With high quality security cameras, you can monitor gardens, porches, walkways, and more. If the camera detects something moving, it can automatically record video - sometimes even chase people for not activating your recordings - and keep them in a safe place. If you need to connect one of them, you will be happy to install a wireless camera.

The fee comes with a 180-day lifetime warranty

Finally, there's the Wi-Fi camera with its own battery. COOAU 1080P WiO-Fi Security Camera with 10400mAh Lithium Battery can be installed 100% wirelessly. The built-in large battery with a capacity of 10400mAh is paired with the solar panels, so you no longer have to worry about climbing the ladder up and down to charge your camera. To get the best battery performance, it is recommended that you charge the camera 10 hours before the first use.

Installing a security camera can be very expensive and cause severe back pain. The wireless camera can solve at least part of the latter because the wireless camera can be installed without running cables through a wall or window frame. If your WiFi is extensive, you can also install it in unusual locations, such as the office. B. In a tree or at the end of a garden with a view of the house.

1080P FHD provides clear images

COOAU outdoor surveillance camera delivers crisp and clear photos and videos that you can watch anytime and anywhere thanks to its high silicon chip, high light transmittance lens and high sensitivity sensor. How to pamper your eyes. Zoom in to see more detailed information, including license plates, road signs and faces.

Advanced infrared night vision

The battery powered camera is equipped with 4 infrared LEDs that automatically operate in dark or dark areas. Then the camera switches to night vision mode and delivers clear black and white photos. The larger aperture of the lens also allows more light to enter. If you want to see color photos at night, you can also install a flashlight around the outdoor safety camera to increase the lighting.

IP65 waterproof camera and solar panel

This industrial grade waterproof IP65 security camera can withstand all weather conditions in the US, whether it's raining, sunny, cloudy or snowy. The surface of the camera is very smooth, which prevents the accumulation of rainwater too much. The shell features a special "roof" design and the bottom is rubberised. After pressing the camera, rainwater can hardly enter the lens. Solar panels are weatherproof and provide uninterrupted electricity.

Two advanced 4 dB external antennas

Most of the products in the market include indoor or outdoor 3D antennas. A common complaint is that the device is usually not connected to the internet or the Wi-Fi signal is weak. However, COOAU surveillance camera solves this problem by using two external 4dBi antennas to ensure a more stable connection. Even if there is a wall, an additional signal transmission range of up to 65 feet can be provided. .

Instant alarm and clear two-way sound

COOAU battery camera has motion and temperature detection functions that can trigger and record alarms in the app. When motion is detected, the camera looks to contact the application server to send real-time notifications to your phone. With the built-in microphone and loudspeaker, you can use it as a video doorbell to communicate with your visitors wherever you are.

130 ° wider viewing angle covers a larger area

With a 3.6mm lens and a larger aperture, the camera's viewing angle can reach 130 degrees and is wide enough to cover the largest possible area. The detection area can be 40 feet during the day and 26 feet at night. So the cover can be a whole room in the form of a fan. We recommend installing the camera tilted 15 degrees down for the largest viewing area.

Share the device with multiple users

Simply scan the QR code to share the camera with as many family members as possible. Simply download the CloudEdge app and add a camera to see what's happening in your home. No matter where you are, you and your loved ones can rest assured that "someone" is overseeing your affairs on your behalf.

Supports micro SD card 32G-128G and bank-level encrypted cloud storage

We value our customers' privacy. We know you are extremely concerned about data breaches. That's why we use 128-bit encryption to protect your data. You are the only person who can access the recording. Videos stored on SD card cannot be exported to third-party devices. Even if your camera gets stolen, you don't have to worry about privacy.

7 "* 5" high efficiency solar panels

Still worried about dealing with annoying cables or having to charge the camera a lot? By using solar panels, the camera can be powered continuously as long as there is sunlight. The high efficiency solar energy can speed up the energy conversion, so the battery powered camera can be fully charged within 16 hours in direct sunlight.

Multi-screen preview interface

After months of hard work, our product team was able to achieve this goal. Remember, we designed and developed our products for you. You can now add about 20 cameras to one account and view 4 cameras simultaneously on one interface. Also understand the situation in every corner of the house.

The complete application: CloudEdge

The camera is easy to install and use. Simply download the CloudEdge app and enter your Wi-Fi information. The app generates a QR code, directs the camera at the code and waits for the beep to stop. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can easily set the sensitivity and alarm time as needed.

Create your test plan

We pride ourselves on our human recognition measures. If you have 9 to 5 office employees, you can set up specific alarm schedules based on business hours. When you are out, the wireless device is ready at all times and it is on your eyes. When you get home, the wireless device sleeps, which saves electricity and greatly increases the hassle. You can set a specific interval of motion detection based on the different mounting positions.

COOAU Solar Panel Powered WiFi Security Camera
COOAU Solar Panel Powered WiFi Security Camera

  • 40010400mAh battery and waterproof solar panel This COOAU wireless outdoor camera is equipped with a 10400mAh battery. Standby time can be up to 3-8 months after fully charged, even in harsh environments, the surveillance camera can work normally even in rainy days. A solar panel can provide all the energy needed to keep the camera running without having to frequently remove it to recharge.
  • 📶 Stable, IP65 waterproof WLAN with 2 external 4dB antennas. Wireless surveillance camera for outdoor use is 100% wireless when installed. The transmission range can reach 65ft, allowing to achieve more stable Wi-Fi connection (only applies to 2.4GHz, not 5GHz). The WiFi security camera and solar panel are waterproof, so it can withstand a variety of weather conditions and operate normally under -4-122, which is very suitable for outdoor use.
  • 🏃 [Accurate motion detection and real-time app notification] Developed by artificial intelligence and PIR thermal sensor technology, this app is sensitive enough to detect human activity such as agents operating on the road or on passing roads, but not the annoying alarm that causes the error to occur nearby From camera shake. When motion is detected, you will receive a notification in real time.
  • 801080P FHD & Clear Infrared Night Vision] with 1080P resolution, you can get clear and crisp images. You can view the photos anytime and anywhere on your phone. When viewed on a mobile phone, the image quality is very clear, day and night. Thanks to the wide angle of 130 degrees, the surveillance camera can cover a larger detection area. Built-in 4 infrared LEDs turn on automatically in dark areas and ensure perfect night vision effects within 30 meters.
  • 🔊 Internal and two-way memory The camera has a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication. Simply press the intercom button to communicate in real time with your family, pets, delivery person and alert intruders. You can use SD cards from 32GB to 128GB or use encrypted cloud storage services (7-day free trial) to store videos. Supports loop recording.

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