DLseego DLseego Cute Leaf Design Thumb Grip Caps
DLseego DLseego Cute Leaf Design Thumb Grip Caps

DLseego Cute Leaf Design Thumb Grip Cover, Joystick Cover for Nintendo Switch Lite, Soft Silicone Cover for Joy-Con Controller

Set of 4 beautiful thumbcases specially designed for Nintendo Switch & Lite devices

Nintendo Switch & Lite Joystick Case, Soft Silicone Case for Joy-Con Controllers

High quality joystick cover

Made of waterproof high-density silicone. The joystick cover fits perfectly with the joystick, eliminating the need for an additional headphone, which improves Jun Kun's grip performance and comfort while playing.

Easy to install, no cables needed. It works perfectly and avoids damaging the analog stick

Designed to replace damaged, cracked, cracked, incomplete or inoperable

Repair and replace analog stick cap parts according to machine specifications

  • ☘️ Especially compatible with Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, very suitable for Joy-con joystick.
  • ☘️ PERFECT PROTECTION - The thumb grip cap can prevent the original joystick cap from abrasion and peeling, protect the Joy-Con joystick, and prevent scratches, bumps, dirt or dirt from other damages.
  • BEA️ The beautifully lush exterior design gives your players flair and liveliness and makes your switch more attractive.
  • ☘️Soft Silicone Material - The high quality silicone material is soft and comfortable, make it soft and feel better. The simulated thumb cap prevents fingers from slipping by adding extra height and radius, which improves accuracy.
  • Once installed, it can perfectly match joystick and compact. You don't need to worry about it falling off, but you will need some knowledge to install it.

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