DMH Nintendo Switch Pro Gamepad Controller
DMH Nintendo Switch Pro Gamepad Controller

DMH Switch Pro Controller, Wireless Nintendo Switch Gamepad with NFC and Motion Control, built-in amiibo and alarm clock, adjustable rumble and turbo buttons, PC / Android support

How do I pair the controller to the Switch console?

1. For the first time, connect the controller to the switch control unit with a Type-C cable, then disconnect the Type-C cable and press any button to automatically pair via Bluetooth.
2. For future use, you only need to pair directly from the bluetooth settings.

How do I configure the console on the Steam platform?

For more information, see the User's Guide [PDF] in the Product Information section of this listing.

How do I adjust the speed of the turbine?

Press and hold the A / B / X / Y button (any button), then press the Turbo button to activate it. Press and hold the turbo button, then rotate the right joystick up / down to increase / decrease the turbo speed.

How can I adjust rumble sensitivity?

1. Pair the console with the switch controller.
2. Show the Search Controller menu until you hear a noise.
3. Press the turbo button and rotate the left joystick up / down to increase / decrease the rumble level (100% -70% -30% -0%).

DMH Nintendo Switch Pro Gamepad Controller
DMH Nintendo Switch Pro Gamepad Controller

  • [Switch Pro includes all the features which you would find in the original professional blender and it can run for half the price like the original version. The comfortable manual process takes your gaming session to the next level.
  • [Built-in amiibo function] Supports all series of amiibo models. Click here to open additional plugins.
  • [Multi-speed turbo button] Continuous click of A / B / X / Y action button can save your work. The turbo can fire more bullets in less time, which is more for you than other players.
  • [The adjustable dual vibration function gives you a realistic feeling of control and different sensitivities, no matter what you play, it gives you completely new possibilities for performance.
  • [Alarm Clock] Use the home button on the controller to open the console and continue playing anytime anywhere. This feature is only available in our original console and console, and most third-party consoles (even some officially licensed consoles) do not have this feature.

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