FILDANCO Waterproof GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch
FILDANCO Waterproof GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch

FILDANCO Kids Smart Watches for Boys and Girls, Waterproof GPS Trackers, Kids Smartwatch Phones with Photo Call Games, Music Alarm Clocks, Kids Digital Clocks, Pink Educational Toys for Boys and Girls

FILDANCO Smart Watches for Boys and Girls, Waterproof GPS Tracker, Kids Smart Watch Phones with Photo Call Game, Music Alarm Clock, Kids Digital Watch for Boys and Girls, Educational Toys

How to use it
1. Insert the correct SIM card.
2. Download the application described in the guide.
3. Register using the Registration ID on the back of this smartwatch.

How can I fix device issue offline?
1. Check if there is a signal bar and “” mark on this smartwatch.
2. If there is no signal bar, check that the SIM card is properly inserted, then move to a place with good signal.
3. If “” is not displayed on the smartwatch, please open the data and voice service plan for that SIM card.
4. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

1. Display: 1.44 inch IPS touch screen
2. Product size: 1.9 * 1.6 * 0.56 inch
3. Battery: Polymer battery 450 mAh
4. Standby time: 3-5 days
5.WIFI: not supported

FILDANCO Waterproof GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch
FILDANCO Waterproof GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch

  • ♥ Two-way conversation: insert the SIM card into this baby smart watch and download the application described in the guide. Please note that this kids smart watch is only compatible with US 2G GSM SIM card. We recommend SpeedTalk or T-Mobile. Then you can use this digital kids clock to call them anytime or send messages in any way. Kids smartphones have IP68 waterproof function. Your child will have a lot of fun swimming and bathing!
  • ♥ Location tracker: This kid's smartwatch has a Local Base Station (LBS) system. You can always search for your child's location. Note: This kid's smartwatch location depends on your location's signal station and also links to your location's network signal. When your boy or girl is indoors or when the GPS signal is weak. The positioning error is 0.2 to 0.3 miles. With this sports smart phone, children can capture more exciting things outside of the real world.
  • ♥ Classroom mode (no interference): When there are boys and girls in the classroom, you don't need to worry about this kid's smartwatch disturbing them. Parents can set up a "Do Not Disturb" mode that blocks all functions such as calls and cameras except for emergency SOS calls: Kids can make and receive calls to both boys and girls. Girls thanks to this smartwatch. You can buy a SIM card that supports 2G signal. Kids' sports smartphones do not have a SIM card.
  • ♥ Use without a SIM card: This child's smartwatch can be used with or without a SIM card. He just decided to use it. If you need to use the call or location function, please contact your local operator before purchasing a SIM card that supports 2G signals. Your area only provides 2G / GSM network services, and this kid's smartwatch can work normally. Or you just need to use this smartwatch as an educational toy or as a simple watch. It is a great gift for your kids, boys and girls.
  • ♥ Multifunctional smartwatch: This kid's smartwatch is equipped with HD touch screen which includes the following functions: calling, voice chat, flashlight, camera, LBS website, phone book, calls, fingerprint, alarm, security area, SOS, Bidirectional communication, etc. We insist on providing the best customer service and a promising refund policy if you are not satisfied with this kids smartwatch. This baby smart watch is a great gift for kids, kids, boys and girls.

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