Fookoo CAR 1080P Backup Camera System Kit
Fookoo CAR 1080P Backup Camera System Kit

Fookoo DY912 Wired 1080P Wired Rear View Camera System Kit, 9 Inch Dual Screen DVR Screen, IP69 Waterproof Rear View Camera, Suitable for Truck / Semi Trailer / Lorry / RV Boxes, Sharp CCD Chip, 100% Do Not Clean

Large 9 inch HD split screen

Compared to the common 7 ”screens on the market, the 9” HD display lets you see more clearly and with greater detail.
The split screen can display multiple camera images at the same time and help you monitor the road conditions in all directions and back, more safe and secure.
It is best for large vehicles like trailers, tractors, semi-trailers, trucks, trucks, RVs, five wheel trailers, buses, etc., as well as people who like or need a bigger screen.

Easy to install

Follow the directions to connect the red and yellow wires to the ACC, the black wire to the metal (ground), and the other wires to the camera. Trigger line connection depends on your requirements.

The package contains all system accessories and a professional operation manual that simplifies the installation.
Easy to connect / disconnect

If you have a trailer, you can use a different cable so that you can easily disconnect the camera from the car when the trailer is not needed.

Loop recording function

When this function runs out of memory, the first video clip is automatically displayed on the screen. You can record one or two cameras.

Monitor and record your driving condition to ensure your driving safety within hours.

You can also play regular videos and emergency videos on screen or on computer via SD card.

Fookoo CAR 1080P Backup Camera System Kit
Fookoo CAR 1080P Backup Camera System Kit

  • 1080P Fookoo Technology: The first introduction of 1080P rear view camera technology. High-resolution digital image processor makes backup more reliable and secure. Unlike unstable wireless products, this wired system does not suffer from picture delay or signal problems.
  • Larger 9 ”split screen The 9” screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a dual split screen lets you view two cameras at the same time and provides more detail than the traditional 7 ”screens available in the market. It is more suitable for large vehicles such as: 5-wheel trailer / tractor / housing / truck / bus / semi-trailer / truck and so on.
  • 170 degree camera with 18 infrared lights: This IP69 waterproof camera with infrared light can drive safely in the dark and provide you with the best night vision effect. It withstands high / low temperatures (-4-198 ℉), has a waterproof rating of IP69 and can work perfectly in bad weather.
  • Recurring recording and automatic dimming: With the recording function, the screen provides accident video guide by recording, making your driving more safe and reliable. The brightness is automatically adjusted to the ambient light, the daytime brightness is not too high and the brightness at night does not affect driving.
  • Quality Assurance: The voltage range is 9-36V DC and can accommodate many large vehicles. If you discover a defect, or require additional cables, please ask us. We provide 24-hour service and 18 months of lifetime exchange support and customer service.

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