Garmin Fenix Chronos Stainless Steel Smart
Garmin Fenix Chronos Stainless Steel Smart

Garmin Fenix ​​Chronos, stainless steel with brushed stainless steel smartwatch strap

The combination of superior performance and advanced design can adapt to your style anytime, anywhere. Made of premium quality premium jewelry materials, the Fenix ​​Chrono is the first Garmin watch to combine a durable metal case (with EXO Omni-Direction GPS and GLONASS antennas in the frame) with the latest outdoor boating and fitness training features. These features include improved wrist-based heart rate technology, daily activity tracking, smart notifications, activity profiles and more.

Fēnix Chronos steel bracelet

This sign emphasizes the quality of the steel: polished to keep it alive. The high-quality brushed stainless steel body combines modern design with serious multi-sport training and mobility functions. Finished with matching stainless steel strap, as well as 95 kinds of hand-brushed metal adhesives for added durability and comfort, it comes with a scratch-resistant sapphire mirror.

One life. Unlimited.

If this is your rule, fēnixChronos is your watch. The fēnixChronos Chain is made with premium quality jewelry materials and sets the standard for quality, performance and smart technology for athletes / adventurers.

Advanced fitness measurements

FēnixChronos has advanced hourly training functions that you can use to pay special attention to your body and health. The VO2 max estimator processes data such as running speed, heart rate per minute, and heart rate changes to estimate the maximum amount of oxygen that can be consumed per minute. Track changes to know your health and compare it to your peers. Other applicability metrics include a recovery consultant with recovery timer and recovery checks, and an implementation expectation that estimates the ideal completion time based on the current VO2 count.

Altimeter, barometer and compass

FēnixChronos is equipped with ABC sensors that can provide relevant environmental information in real time. The built-in altimeter can provide altitude data to accurately monitor ascents and descents, and the barometer can predict weather changes by showing short-term trends in barometric pressure. The 3-axis electronic compass will maintain your direction whether you move or not.

Stay in touch

With fēnixChronos' smart notifications, you can receive emails, texts and notifications directly on the watch, whether you are on the go, on the golf course, or out of the office. The watch receives wireless signals from a compatible smartphone and notifies you of the message by displaying a text on the screen when you are ready to read.

Mode of mobility

FēnixChronos uses GPS sensors and ABC (altimeter, barometer, and compass) functions to provide complete navigation, tracking, and guidance to and from the hardest-to-reach places. There is also a TracBack function that allows you to return to your starting point in the same way. In addition, the built-in sensor provides information about changes in direction, altitude and weather.

Connect the IQ from Garmin

Free download fronnix Chronos from Connect IQ Store and customize it. You can customize the watch face, add data fields, and use apps and tools to easily provide information.

Garmin Fenix Chronos Stainless Steel Smart
Garmin Fenix Chronos Stainless Steel Smart

  • MODERN DESIGN - Luxury multi-sport smartwatch with sturdy stainless steel case, scratch resistant sapphire mirror and polished stainless steel bracelet. Width dimensions are 30.4 mm.
  • Screen size: 30.4 mm (1.2 inches) in diameter. Display Resolution: 218 x 218 pixels
  • Wrist Heart Rate - Garmin Elevate's wrist heart rate technology measures the heart rate from the wrist. So you can track your heart rate data without the chest strap
  • Information on various sports / activities including cross-country skiing, skateboarding / snowboarding, mountaineering, hiking, jogging, jogging, indoor jogging, cycling, indoor cycling, swimming, open water, jumping, and riding Boating, indoor sports, multi-sport and golf
  • Navigator + ABC - High-sensitivity GPS / GLONASS positioning with automatic calibration for altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass

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