Garmin Venu Sq Touchscreen GPS Smartwatch
Garmin Venu Sq Touchscreen GPS Smartwatch

Now is the best time to act. The Garmin 010-02427-00 Venu Sq GPS smart watch features a vibrant color display that combines daily style with health and fitness monitoring features to keep you updated. Estimation of heart rate, sleep, stress, body battery energy, etc. You can run, run, ride or choose from over 20 pre-installed apps for indoor or outdoor sports. When connected to a compatible smartphone, you will never miss any call or text with smart notifications. Skip the payment line and set up a Garmin Pay contactless payment transfer system (using a supported payment network). The battery life between two charges is longer and the battery life can be up to 6 days. Swimming, cycling and running can be done with a smartwatch that uses multiple satellite systems to accurately track your workouts.

Garmin Trainer

Get a free personal running trainer to help you train for a 5km, 10km or half marathon.

Heart rate depends on the wrist

The watch continuously measures the estimated heart rate and warns you if it is still too high or too low. It can also help assess the difficulty of working underwater during activities.

Integrated sports application

Track all your travel patterns including walking, running, cycling, swimming in the pool, playing golf and more with over 20 pre-installed GPS apps and indoor sports apps.

Before training

Let your watch do the planning. Pre-loaded with exercise, strength, yoga and Pilates, all you have to do is exercise. Pair your smartwatch with the Garmin Connect App on a compatible smartphone to download additional exercises for free.

Monitor the body's battery level

Check your energy levels throughout the day to find the best time to exercise and rest.

Pulsed oxygen sensor

The Pulse Ox sensor estimates the oxygen saturation level in the blood during the day and during sleep to show how the body consumes oxygen (This is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose or monitor diseases. Pulse Ox is not available in all countries.)

Track your stress

Find out if your day is calm, balanced, or stressful. When you feel stressed, a relaxation reminder prompts you to do activities related to shortness of breath.

Follow your own rules

Use the Garmin Connect App on a compatible smartphone to track your cycle, log physical and emotional symptoms, and learn about exercise and nutrition at every stage of the cycle. When you download a menstrual cycle tracker to your smartwatch, you get the menstrual tracker information on your wrist.

take a deep breath

When you need to relax or focus, you can start breathing. This watch tracks your pressure and breathing so you can better understand your breathing.

Watch your hydration

Write down how much fluid you drink daily to remind you to stay hydrated. You can even set an automatic drinking target based on sweat loss during exercise.

Follow the breath

Monitor your breathing, sleep, breathing, and yoga activities throughout the day.

Advanced sleep monitoring

Get a complete picture of how you sleep with a compatible smartphone and analyze the estimated light, deep sleep, and REM sleep stages, as well as estimated pulse and breathing data (This is not a medical device and should not be used to diagnose or monitor any disease available in all countries / regions.)

Garmin Venu Sq Touchscreen GPS Smartwatch
Garmin Venu Sq Touchscreen GPS Smartwatch

  • Suitable for 125-190mm around the wrist
  • See everything clearly on a vibrant, always-on display, ideal for quick viewing
  • Health is important to you. So please monitor all aspects of battery power, breathing, water, and stress on your body in relation to sleep, menstruation, estimated heart rate, and more.
  • Discover new ways to stay active with 20 pre-loaded sports apps, including walking, running, cycling, breathing, swimming, playing golf and more.
  • Use pre-set exercises including aerobics, yoga, strength, and even Pilates, and create your own app in the Garmin Connect app (you'll need to use the app on a compatible smartphone).
  • Send smart notifications directly to your wrist (paired with a compatible smartphone) and never miss any calls, texts, or social media notifications
  • Leave your money and card at home. With Garmin Pay contactless payment (with a supported payment network), you can pay anytime, anywhere
  • Security and tracking functions include detection of incidents (for specific events) and notifications that send your location to specific contacts (in conjunction with a compatible smartphone).
  • Use the thousands of watch faces and free apps and tools in the Connect IQ Store to customize your watch (when used with a compatible computer or smartphone downloaded using the Connect IQ Store app)
  • A single charge can last longer, up to 6 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 14 hours in GPS mode

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