GEEKLIN Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch
GEEKLIN Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch, Replacement Board for GEEKLIN Joycon, Replacement for Nintendo Switch Controller, Wired / Wireless Remote Controller

Joy-Con game controller

Two Joy-Con devices can be used individually or as a single control when connected to a Joy-Con handle. It can also be connected to main console for manual mode or share with friends to enjoy 2-player play in supported games. Each Joy-Con contains a complete set of buttons and can be used as a standalone controller allowing for independent control of left and right movements.


The Switch console offers many exciting new ways to play and entertain. One or two vertical or side control boxes or all of them are connected to the console. Depending on the game, there are different modes that you can play with. By connecting more wireless controllers to the Switch console at the same time, you can play multiplayer games!

high performance

Each controller has vibration and motion control functions, and each controller has a complete set of buttons. Screen capture button for capturing and saving screenshots. The modern 3D wand can be used in any direction with 360 ° accuracy. We offer you an enjoyable gaming experience.

GEEKLIN Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch
GEEKLIN Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

  • [Precise Control] With 360-degree precise operation, each hand can be used separately or connected to the controller in manual mode for a more comfortable playing experience.
  • [Support support functions: via the built-in rotation of each controller to support the motion detection function, including strong feedback.
  • [Easy connection] Contact the switch control unit through the wireless controller to avoid interference, and the communication signal is stable. Multiple people can play games at the same time, which brings you a lot of new and fun games.
  • Comfortable Experience] The ergonomic design and high temperature resistant weight structure can keep you comfortable even in long-term continuous competitions.
  • [Update path] Upgrade via software update via USB cable connected to PC.

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