HAYLOU LS02 260mAh Bluetooth SmartWatch
HAYLOU LS02 260mAh Bluetooth SmartWatch

HAYLOU LS02 SmartWatch (1.4 inch, 260 mAh, Bluetooth 5.0, IP68) - fitness tracker with Haylou app (heart rate monitor, pedometer, calories, training tracker, phone and reminders), compatible with iOS and Android

Accompany you throughout the day

Smart Watch 2 is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor with high performance and extremely low power consumption. This function is recognized automatically by the optical heart rate sensor on the back of the watch. Combined with the smart heart rate algorithm, it can more accurately determine the accuracy of heart rate changes and track you online 24 hours a day. From the heart so heart rate changes can be tracked.

Labor Secretary - Wrist Support

SmartWatch 2 is also a smart secretary that you can take with you. It contains many reminders to help you with busy tasks. You can preview it by placing your wrist on your finger. When he reminds you not to sit down, he will ask you to stand up and make appropriate adjustments to your physical condition.

Mild and gentle on the skin

The SmartWatch 2 is lightweight and thin, at only 38 grams and equipped with a soft and smooth silicone strap. Its width is reduced to 20mm, which makes it comfortable to wear.

Enjoy the movement with the IP68 waterproof performance

The SmartWatch 2 smartwatch provides excellent Haylou water resistance with IP68 water and dust resistance, which meets the daily waterproofing needs of sports life. It can be handled easily whether it is sweating or splashing.

Bluetooth 5.0 all the way to the top

Compared with the first-generation product, SmartWatch 2 has been upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0, the signal distance strength has been improved, the transmission speed is stable and smooth, the phone communicates in real time and in the low power consumption mode, and ensures a long service life, such as: B. Find phone and phone information prompt , Call prompt, etc. When you raise your wrist.

Night Test - A good night's sleep

SmartWatch 2 can automatically monitor your sleep at night, intelligently identify and record your deep sleep, light sleep and wakefulness, and estimate your sleep quality so you can better understand your sleep state and get more sleep. Certainly healthy at a glance.

HAYLOU LS02 260mAh Bluetooth SmartWatch
HAYLOU LS02 260mAh Bluetooth SmartWatch

  • The screen is bigger and brighter: The 1.4 inch * circular touch screen has a resolution of 320 dpi which can be perfectly matched with the 2.5D curved glass for more accurate and natural visual effects. Compared to the old version, the recently updated screen is better in terms of color saturation and reproducibility.
  • Longer service life: Long-life HAYLOU Smartwatch LS02 battery can last more than 30 days on a single charge (* Heart rate measurement: 30 days and more; heart rate measurement: 20 days and more). Battery, next generation circuit design with low power consumption and short circuit resistant chip so you can carry it all day without worrying about power outages.
  • Application: HAYLOU app and LS02 work together implicitly to record fitness data in real time and to improve watch functionality in the app. After upgrading from Bluetooth 5.0, the signal distance receiving strength will increase and the transmission speed will be stable and stable.
  • Smarter training: For hiking or cycling, you can set goals and track activity data via LS02. Plus, you can choose from over 12 activity modes to receive and save real-time status during training for you.
  • What you will get 1 x LS0 Smartwatch, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual.

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