HeimVision PTZ Ultra HD Dual Lens Security Camera
HeimVision PTZ Ultra HD Dual Lens Security Camera

HeimVision HM612 PTZ Outdoor Security Camera, 2x2MP Ultra HD Dual Lens, 12x Pan / Tilt / Zoom, 360 ° Viewing Angle, Wi-Fi Wireless Camera with Projector, Color Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Motion Detection, Weatherproof

The picture is clearer

Protect D1 Smart Wi-Fi Security Camera is equipped with two lenses that can achieve a high resolution of 2 * 2 megapixels. Together, it gives you 2x sharper surveillance video tapes and more vivid detail that might be important for future investigations. Say goodbye to blurry photos with the UHD security camera.

Color night vision

The surveillance camera with integrated headlights cannot be compared to a dark night. The projector lights up your entire property and gives you a truly colorful night surveillance video. Neither side of intruder can escape the super clear night vision of this smart outdoor wifi security camera.

More details

Reducing blind spots is crucial for video surveillance. That's why HeimVision engineers have integrated PTZ functionality into smart Wi-Fi surveillance cameras for outdoor use. We don't want you to miss any important details. Optical and digital zoom are 12x, making the vehicle license plate clearly visible in the video.

Track intruders and prevent crime

If an intruder steals your belongings, the Smart Protect D1 Security Camera tracks its movement and records every intruder's movement. At the same time, lights and audible alarms are activated to scare the server. Careful human discovery will not bother you or force you to act every time it touches the garden dog.

Strong and stable wifi connection

Equipped with a 5dB antenna, this surveillance camera can deliver strong signals and high-quality communication, thus covering more space in your home and providing very smooth surveillance video. You can also connect the camera using a hotspot access point or a LAN cable (supplied).

Cloud storage and TF website available

Security and privacy is our top priority as AWS encrypted cloud storage ensures the privacy and security of your records. There's also an optional, larger, MicroSD / TF slot for customization. Supports 128 GB. You can save to local or cloud storage. You can freely watch, record and play live broadcasts anytime anywhere.

HeimVision PTZ Ultra HD Dual Lens Security Camera
HeimVision PTZ Ultra HD Dual Lens Security Camera

  • 360 ° pan / tilt angle, 12x zoom, equipped with a 355 ° pan, and 90 ° tilt with the HeimVision PTZ Camera, you can monitor the 360 ​​° viewing angle on an app without any blind spots. The advanced digital optical zoom technology can also make the image clear with 12x zoom, so the surveillance video contains more visual details, which may be important for future research.
  • HeimVision Protect D1 2 * 2 MP Ultra HD camera and color night vision camera use two enhanced lenses. You get 2 * 2MP Ultra Resolution (Dual 1080P Resolution) to monitor your property. The outdoor camera with built-in powerful projector can ensure color night vision even in the dark. When it gets dark, this smart camera will automatically switch to night vision mode, and the night vision range can reach up to 98 feet.
  • Intelligent detection, tracking and alarm This smart camera is not only equipped with motion and sound sensors, but also with a human detection sensor that ensures you never miss an important moment and reduces false alarms and disturbances. When motion is detected, an instant alert will be sent to your phone. If an intruder steals your belongings, this smart security camera will track and record their every movement.
  • Dual-channel audio / visual alarm clock HeimVision wireless Wi-Fi camera supports real-time viewing and real-time conversations with visitors wherever you are. In addition, the blue / red audible alarms and light alarms are very useful to warn and keep away from suspicious people. I heard.
  • Weather resistance and storage option 2 Use a microSD card (up to 128GB) to store all recorded 24/7 surveillance video, or order a dedicated US AWS cloud server at a reasonable price. Resistant to heat and cold (14 14 to 114 ° C) rain or rain, the outdoor camera can take care of your family and belongings day and night

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