HOSAFE HX-2PT1 Floodlight Video Surveillance Camera
HOSAFE HX-2PT1 Floodlight Video Surveillance Camera

Outdoor Wifi Surveillance Camera, Home HOSAFE Camera, Home Security System Video Surveillance Camera, PTZ, Two-Way Audio, Motion Detection, 1080P Night Vision, Water Resistant, SD Card Slot

1080P high resolution picture

1080P IP Camera provides high resolution of 1920 * 1080p, high definition day and night images and other photo details.

2.4G WiFi, dual antenna

The wireless surveillance camera for outdoor use has two antennas with higher performance and it can reach more WiFi distance. It is only suitable for 2.4G WiFi (5G not supported)

Two-way voice, speak to visitors

The front two-door audio camera is integrated into the microphone and speaker, so that you can easily talk to visitors on the phone

Available day and night, color by night

Floodlight Camera provides clear color photos every day and optional black and white or color photos at night

Floodlight camera with motion detection

Night vision switches to smart mode. When motion is detected, the projector is on. When Smart Tracking is enabled, the camera / light covers the moving person

Motion detection and audible warning

The alarm camera has a siren function. Turn this on in the settings page to activate an audible alert when an action is detected

Wake up and download Emai to your FTP Server

This way, when motion is detected, we can receive a rechargeable message on the phone. However, you can also set up email notifications (send emails with pictures) and upload photos. Dynamic videos on FTP server.

Recording and playback from SD cards

Insert the SD card, which is a built-in remote home security system that only records video or sporting events 24/7 and can easily play on mobile apps (supports micro SD card) 8 ~ 128G, without card)

IP66 weather

All-weather outdoor surveillance cameras can be used in all weather conditions, sunny, rainy, snowy, -4-140 degrees Fahrenheit


ONVIF Standard IP Security Camera allows you to connect to most popular Onvif NVR, NAS and ONVIF programs like Blue Iris, Ispy, Tinycam, IPCamViewer, Synology, QNAP, Hikvision NVR, Dahua NVR, etc.

HOSAFE HX-2PT1 Floodlight Video Surveillance Camera
HOSAFE HX-2PT1 Floodlight Video Surveillance Camera

  • 1080P Wireless PTZ Home Surveillance Camera: outdoor HOSAFE camera can be used with 2.4G WiFi (5G network not supported), Plug and play, 355 degree rotation, 90 degree tilt and 4x digital zoom, amazing 1080P resolution provide great pictures day and night
  • Projector camera and audio warning: When night vision switches to color mode, detector surveillance camera can provide vivid color images at night. After switching to smart mode and enabling motion detection, the lamp will turn on when motion is detected. It is very convenient to provide you with light automatically when crossing the patio at night. A thief doesn't want to be in the light all the time. You can also operate the "Audible Alarm" function to trigger an audible alarm
  • Motion Detection Alarm & Tracking: The smart home security camera allows you to view real-time images on your phone and get an alert notification when motion is detected. All events are recorded on the SD card for later reading. (Insert micro SD card first, support 8G ~ 128G except for SD card.) When smart tracking function is enabled, it will follow the moving object. When the object leaves the field of view, the camera returns to its original position to monitor the important area.
  • Dual-channel, weatherproof sound: Built-in high sensitivity microphone and speakers that can capture sound around the camera. You can also easily talk while viewing photos in real time. The professional weatherproof IP66 camera housing allows this outdoor wifi camera to operate in normal weather during normal working
  • Compliance with ONVIF Standard and Offer 2 Years Warranty: ONVIF RTSP standard protocol enables ONVIF cameras to be used with most NVRs, NAS (Synology and QNAP) and Onvif software (Blue Iris, iSpy, Tinycam, IPCamviewer, etc.). The HOSAFE team gives this camera a 2-year warranty for wireless security and fast and easy service via email: support@hosafe.com

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