Huawei Leo-B19 Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch
Huawei Leo-B19 Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch

The Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch combines the latest technology with the look of a classic sports watch. New functions are coordinated with your smartphone or standalone operation. New functions include: standalone GPS, professional bus operation, offline music storage, Google / Android Wear OS and many more apps.

Integrated GPS

Built-in GPS and Dual Glonass GPS provide accurate outdoor navigation and operation tracking.

Music without internet

Thanks to the independent storage space, you can listen to music without using the phone. You can easily access the audio files while you are running or at the gym.

Scientific sleep monitoring

Huawei TruSleep follows the steps of light, deep and REM sleep to make your sleep truly comfortable.

Heart rate monitor

The enhanced heart rate technology includes a 5-hour frequency range to gauge the intensity of your physical activity.

The perfect sports watch

Real-time training provides direct exercise guidance to assess performance and recovery, and helps achieve fitness goals.

Various uses

Use Wear OS apps and features from Google / Android Wear. Pair Huawei Watch 2 with Android smartphone for full compatibility, pair it with iOS, or get limited compatibility separately.

Smart assistant

Get on-screen notifications about calls, text messages, and other important apps. You can easily pay with Android Pay using NFC technology.

Long battery life

Customizable battery settings; Use GPS for 3 weeks in watch mode, 2 days in smart power saving mode, and 7 hours respectively.

Huawei Leo-B19 Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch
Huawei Leo-B19 Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch

  • Built-in GPS and continuous heart rate: Monitor your heart rate and track training progress without a mobile phone
  • Scientific sleep tracking: Huawei TruSleep tracks light, deep and REM sleep steps to make your sleep truly restful.
  • Fitness Coach: Get real-time tips and fitness data like Recovery Time and Vo2 Max. Qualcomm MSM8909W, 1.1GHz
  • NFC and Google Assistant: Pay and get a personal voice assistant on your wrist
  • Music and performance: Download and listen to music on your watch with Google Play Music. You can optimize the power settings to get the most out of your device

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