Kikc ET600 PS4 PS5 Gaming Headset
Kikc ET600 PS4 PS5 Gaming Headset

Kikc ET600 gaming headset for Xbox One headphones and PS4 headphones for PS5, PSP, computer, video games, laptops, Macs (rotating earcups, rotating microphone for memory)

The Kikc ET600 Gaming Headset exceeded your expectations.
ET600 is compatible with Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switches, PCs and mobile devices via a 3.5mm audio jack.

How do I use the Kikc ET600 gaming headset?


PC and laptop (you need to use the pc extension cable in the computer)
PS4 and PS5 (connect 3.5mm cable to PS4 gamepad)
New Xbox One release (connect 3.5mm port to Xbox One gamepad)
Old Xbox 1 (connect the 3.5mm port to the adapter - adapter not included)
Nintendo Switch and PSP (Attach the 3.5mm partition to the Nintendo Switch gamepad.)

Designed for comfort:

The Kikc gaming headset is equipped with soft and breathable foam earplugs so that the wearer can wrap around your ears. The adjustable headband is suitable for every head type.
Ultra-soft earmuffs keep work and fun all day long.

RGB lighting effects and rotating earmuff:

It introduces game atmosphere, RGB strip light effect, and especially game feel.
Swivel earmuffs, floating design, adapt to each player's head shape.
I am just waiting for you to buy.

Quadruple protection, the helmet has been used for many years:

Upscale shopping experience and all-around protection products.
1. Turntable to protect the microphone.
2. Rotate the earphone cover to protect the speaker.
3. Keep the protective box to fully protect the helmet.
4. Color Box protects your storage bag.

Game Quality:

The high-strength neodymium magnet motor is precisely tuned to 50mm so you can hear every loud boom.
Noise from space can easily determine where the enemy is calling and leaving.
Very suitable for PS4 games, Xbox One games, PS5 games, computer games, PSP games, etc.

Memory Microphone for Turntables:

Excellent inspiration and unique design:
Space station design inspiration
The turntable is designed as a protection device for the microphone.
Keeping it on the plate after use can effectively protect the life of the microphone.
Unidirectional noise canceling microphone:

Xbox professional headsets can have clear conversations while gaming.
Set the 360 ​​'' rotatable microphone the correct distance to make your mouth dull.
The high sensitivity microphone with noise canceling upgrade technology can reduce the scattered background noise for clear sound

ELANA's aftermarket commitment makes our goal:

The Kikc brand team will definitely protect the rights and interests of the buyers, and we hope that you will get the full rights protection when purchasing the products. Our customer service team provides you with 100% customer service.

If you have any product suggestions. (Post-sale period 1 to 5 years)
Note: After use, store the microphone manually and put it in a protective case.

Unique design and ultimate comfort:

1- Rotating earmuffs in the picture
2- Rotatable microphone for storage (photos)
Helmet Protective Cover Shows)
4 new unidirectional silicon microphones
5- With soft protein headphones
Steel bracket adjustable up to 6

Just for the perfect experience.

The Kikc-ET600 super soft earbuds are suitable for long periods of wear and are a great headphone, especially for gamers!
Reminder: In order to develop good playing habits, please take off the headphones every 1-2 hours to protect your ears and eyes and protect them from long-term play.

We strive to provide you the best quality gaming headsets. The Kikc ET600 gaming headset has a long service life:

 Advanced Quality Control for Kikc ET600:

Quality review process
Check the appearance of the product
Microphone test
Microphone / audio modulation controller
Three audio tests and other frequent tests.

1. Before installing the headset, test it with a mobile phone to ensure it is working properly.

2. The sound is too low or there is no sound: Check that the audio device is working properly and that the volume switch is on. Increase the volume and make sure the headphone plug is securely connected to the audio source.

Kikc ET600 PS4 PS5 Gaming Headset
Kikc ET600 PS4 PS5 Gaming Headset

  • PS5 Headphone, K Kikc ET600 Multi-platform Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headset with 50mm Neodymium Magnet with High Resolution, Higher Sensitivity and High Frequency Sound; It is suitable for PS5, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Xbox 360, PSP, Mac OS PC, iOS devices and Android devices.
  • PS4 Headphone, 🎧 Gaming Headset with Swivel Headphone High Quality Gaming Headset with Swivel Earmuffs and Protective Storage Bag. RGB lights create great gaming atmosphere and provide you great gaming experience.
  • PC headphones, 🎧 rotating microphones for storage, unidirectional microphones made of new silicone composite materials with greater stability, making games smoother without interference The platinum microphones have a longer life, and the composite microphone tubes can be adjusted as desired. Hence, you can use it at an appropriate distance from your mouth.
  • A pair of Xbox headphones, high-tech ergonomic design technology, with soft protein headphone pad, great design for any head shape, adjustable steel slider; Playing for a long time can reduce pressure, ear cuts and sweat.
  • Helmet [more durable and after-sales service] Kikc brand team definitely protects the rights of buyers. We hope you enjoy full rights protection on purchase. Our Customer Service Team offers you a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any product suggestions, please feel free to contact us. (The warranty period is changed from 1 year to 5 years.) Note: After use, store the microphone manually and put it in a protective case.

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