KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Purple for PS4
KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Purple for PS4

KontrolFreek Weird FPS-Freak Galaxy Purple control suitable for PlayStation 4 (PS4) Controller | Thumb performance 1 high, 1 medium high | purple

How we started

KontrolFreek started when one of us wanted to become a better player and invented the world's most advanced fingertip performer. For more than ten years, we have integrated the highest quality science and materials into our products to give players a competitive advantage and better experiences.

What makes our products unique?

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the performance playing equipment is developed in the USA and the performance sticks are manufactured in the USA. Our product line combines the latest ergonomic principles and advanced materials to achieve the ultimate in comfort and precision play.

Why do we love our job?

KontrolFreek isn't just a solid gaming device. Our passion is to support like-minded players in their pursuit of excellence. That's why we founded FreekNation. FreekNation is a global community of over 4 million ambitious and determined players. Take part in improving your game.

The galaxy is a love letter to the first person to step into space. It combines a high-altitude joystick designed for precise aiming and a mid-height joystick for increased grip and comfort. This deadly combination can lead to better control and accuracy, and increased K / D for each remote task. Galaxy features a stunning silver silver design and original laser engraved design that provides excellent grip, reflecting our love for room nature and meeting the growing demand for competitive online gaming. FPS Freek Galaxy has two bars of different heights with a hard concave handle. The long rise (10.0mm) is intended for targeting clubs and precision bars on the right side, the other one is a medium to long paddle shorter (6.5mm) on the left to offer more through the pitch in terms of grip and comfort, you get faster aiming power as well as the most extreme scores Precision and control.

KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Purple for PS4
KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Purple for PS4

  • Greater accuracy - Mixed altitude group can lock targets faster, increased accuracy on the right side and control and maneuverability on the left side
  • Improved Comfort and Grip - The non-slip rubber compound provides great grip with less effort and reduces wrist, hand and thumb fatigue
  • High-altitude (concave) thumb rocker - add 10.0 mm to improve accuracy when simulated properly
  • Medium thumb-shaped analog button on the left for improved motion control in-game with an increased icon height of 6.5mm
  • Versatility - Extra grip, ergonomic work across the toy library, and finger protection from wear and tear

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