KontrolFreek Xbox One Performance Extra-Padded Grips
KontrolFreek Xbox One Performance Extra-Padded Grips

KontrolFreek for Xbox One (XP) performance optimization | Intel® Developer Area Black (Underlined (XP))

The Xbox One Performance Grip from KontrolFreek is an advanced controller that uses a blend of advanced materials to give players better grip, support, and comfort. The handle is easy to use and can be repositioned and removed without leaving any sticky residue.

The high-performance handle uses a proprietary, high-quality blend of moisture-wicking and deodorizing materials. This can improve grip and comfort when using the Xbox One controller. Honeycomb polymer surface treatment increases control while improving airflow to keep hands cool. The foam pad layer is very similar to the dense memory foam that fits in the palm of your hand for added support and comfort, making your game more difficult.

The handle is anti-bacterial, oil, grease, and water proof and contains no latex, PVC, or VOCs. The handle can be used multiple times and is easy to reposition without peeling off or leaving any sticky residue.

How we started

KontrolFreek started when someone wanted us to be a better player and invented the world's most advanced finger performer at your fingertips. For more than ten years, we have integrated high-quality science and materials into our products to give players a competitive advantage and a better experience.

What makes our products unique?

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the performance playing equipment is developed in the USA and the performance sticks are manufactured in the USA. Our product line combines the latest ergonomic principles and advanced materials to achieve the ultimate in comfort and precision play.

Why do we love our job?

KontrolFreek isn't just a solid gaming device. Our passion is to support like-minded players in their pursuit of excellence. That's why we founded FreekNation, a global community of over 4 million ambitious and determined players. Take part in improving your game.

KontrolFreek Xbox One Performance Extra-Padded Grips
KontrolFreek Xbox One Performance Extra-Padded Grips

  • GRIPPS PERFORMANCE GRIPS EXTRA-PADDED (XP) - is an advanced control button that is combined with special materials to maximize grip, keep hands dry and provide excellent palm rest cushioning
  • Dual Fill Function The traditional power button can transform your console into the coolest pillow you have ever worn
  • EASY TO USE - It can be repositioned and removed without any sticky residue
  • Moisture Resistant - A blend of premium quality materials for better grip and comfort
  • The polymer coating with HONEYCOMB sealant increases cohesion and improves air circulation to keep hands cool

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