Review Kydlan PS4 Turbo Wireless Controller
Kydlan PS4 Turbo Wireless Controller

Kydlan PS4 Wireless Controller for Playstation 4, Modified Wireless PS4 Controller, Custom Remote Controller with Programmable Back Button, Interchangeable Joystick, Turbo and Voice Function

  • 🎮 Playstation 4 Wireless Controller] - PS4 Controller Compatible for PS4 / PS4Pro / PS4 Slime. This is a comfortable PlayStation 4 controller. Its shape and rubber handle make you feel comfortable. All buttons can move smoothly, and the 360-degree analog joystick is responsive and smooth, with no dead zones and virtually no input delay or deflection. The console contains a sensitive gyroscope to facilitate changes in the battlefield. Built-in dual vibration motors can deliver real game effects
  • 🎮 Dedicated Programmable Back Button & 1000mAh Battery - 4 programmable buttons (N1, N2, M1 and M2) are located on the back of the console. Program the buttons directly on the controller and use more fingers for quick operation to improve ergonomics, responsiveness and accuracy. Built-in 1000mAh battery, use the USB charging cable to charge the console, and the fully charged console can be used continuously
  • Interchangeable D-Pad & Left Joystick] - You can easily switch between the joystick and the D-pad, depending on your style (unbalanced analog joystick or balanced analog joystick). The Elite ps4 console provides multiple functions for different gaming habits. You can remove / install the removable magnetic steering wheel cover as you wish. Note: After replacing, rotate the swing lever into the locked state
  • 🎮 Clickable Touchpad, Audio Jack and Built-in Light Bar for PS4 Controller - The clickable touchpad on the front of the ps4 console provides a new way to play games. The controller supports Click & Touch functions to meet your requirements. Plus, the 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with any headphone, so you can plug in a headset to fully enjoy the gaming world.
  • 🎮 PROFESSIONAL QUALITY CONTROLLER] - The TURBO function is also the highlight of this ps4 wireless controller. You only need to press a button to end all of your work without repeatedly pressing a single button. You get a professional quality console. It comes with a detailed instruction manual. If you have any questions about this ps4 console, please feel free to contact us. All messages will be answered within 24 hours. (Note: This is the first time a USB cable has been used.)

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