LONOVE K19 Camera Detector RF Signal Wireless
LONOVE K19 Camera Detector RF Signal Wireless

Hidden Camera Detector, LONOVE High Frequency Signal Camera Detector, GPS Tracker, GSM Headphones, Laser Lens Finder, Magnetic Field Detector with 4 Detection Modes

  • New Infrared Auto Alarm Function Unique LONOVE Function - Take the Detector with you. When the infrared light is detected, you will be notified automatically. Compared to other detectors, you can find the spy camera without looking into the infrared lens. We offer you the most convenient and effective detection methods. At the same time, other hidden cameras were discovered.
  • [Multifunctional upgrade with 4 detection modes The updated K19 spy detector provides 4 functions. The functions of RF signal detection, magnetic field detection, infrared detection and automatic infrared alarm functions that other detectors do not have. It will help you find accurate wireless cameras, bug tracking devices, and GPS hidden in homes and cars. With enhanced LED indicator, the signal indicator shows a higher level of danger when approaching a suspicious signal source.
  • [Great sense of safety in life This updated detector can be used to discover screens and monitors hidden in the room. Use it to reveal your bedroom and bathroom; This effectively prevents neighbors or criminals from monitoring your private activities. Better protect the life of the spouse or family. It can help you find hidden GPS trackers in cars and prevent your daily activities from being tracked.
  • [Easy to carry and carry] Meet at the hotel overnight and take it with you. Keep going long distances and take her with you. In an effort to track your vehicle, please take it with you. It can be used continuously for 8-10 hours on a single charge. Even without a charging cable, it can fully meet your basic needs. The first button: the volume / vibration switch. The second button: the magnetic detection switch. The third button: the infrared automatic detection function. The fourth button: the emergency light switch. The fifth button: the infrared laser scanning switch.
  • 【100% High-Quality Service, Worry-Free Warranty and Lifetime Professional Customer Support. If you have any questions about our products or instructions, please feel free to contact us. We will provide the most satisfactory solution in the shortest possible time. ▲ When using, keep the surroundings dark enough and turn off the regular signaling device.

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