Luoba Wireless Solar Powered Cameras for Home
Luoba Wireless Solar Powered Cameras for Home

Luoba LB-W01 Outdoor Security Camera, Solar Wireless Home Security Camera, 1080P Wi-Fi Home Security Camera with Two-Way Audio, Motion Detection, Night Version, IP65 Waterproof, Cloud Service

Luoba Solar Battery Monitor

We strive to provide people with reliable and safe products.

Luoba Security Camera is specially developed for outdoor use. The solar panel can charge 6000mAh battery and the optimized low power design can keep the camera running for a long time.

solar energy

This surveillance camera saves electricity costs by using rechargeable solar batteries, reduces the power source and provides your family with a long lasting hour!

1080P recording and night vision

As we all know, in today's social situation every video is a very important clue. Our safety camera can record videos in 1080p quality and it has night vision function. Everything that happens is clearly recorded!

Two-way audio and radio communication

The outdoor wireless surveillance camera supports 2.4GHz WiFi channel. Whether you are at home or in the office, you can watch live broadcasts online through the app. When there are visitors, you can use the microphone and speaker on the body of the camera to make a call.

2 storage methods

Our Wi-Fi Security Camera supports local micro SD card and cloud storage so you can choose one solution or use it at the same time! Due to the additional cost of cloud storage services, we recommend purchasing a 32GB micro SD card (speed class 10) to ensure the normal operation of the camera.

Motion detection and notification

Surveillance battery camera contains PIR sensor, any abnormal action will trigger the camera's video recording function and a warning message will be sent to the app so you can reply anywhere!


Home surveillance camera is designed for outdoor use. It is waterproof so it is exposed to all weather conditions and works normally on rainy days!

Luoba Wireless Solar Powered Cameras for Home
Luoba Wireless Solar Powered Cameras for Home

  • [Rechargeable Solar Battery The Luoba Solar Battery Surveillance Camera is equipped with a solar panel that can be installed under the eaves outdoors with a 6000mAh rechargeable battery that can efficiently store the energy generated by the sun during a long stable camera carrying. Good for family safety!
  • [1080P Video & Night Vision Function] This outdoor surveillance camera can record 1080p video and has a night vision function that can record all the events clearly.
  • [Two ways of wireless storage and wireless surveillance camera are connected to your mobile device via WiFi, so you can watch real-time video from the camera anytime and anywhere. After recognizing the situation, the camera will start recording automatically. You can save it to a cloud server (depending on the fee) or on a 32GB micro SD card (not included) to ensure that the recorded data is not lost.
  • [PIR Motion Detection and Notification Luoba's security camera has a PIR sensor that not only detects and records all movements automatically, but also sends notifications wirelessly to your mobile phone so you can do all the control!
  • 【Two-way audio and IP65 waterproof This outdoor wireless surveillance camera supports two-way voice communication so you can talk to each other when your visitors are there. The camera's waterproof rating is IP65 and it can be mounted on an outside wall to withstand normal weather conditions.

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