Netvue 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera
Netvue 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera

Dog Camera, Netvue 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera, Home / Baby / Groomer Pet Monitor Camera, AI Detection, Night Vision, Cloud Storage / TF Card, Two-way Audio Compatibility with Alexa

At Netvue, we have developed durable indoor surveillance cameras to protect homes. We manufacture high quality, safe and affordable security cameras to provide your family with a comfortable and safe environment while providing you with environmental services. For example, our packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials and completely recyclable. Netvue strives to provide quality products and services to all customers.

Mini, yet powerful

Discover the new generation Netvue Orb Mini, the perfect blend of powerful little creatures. It has everything - full HD video, two-way calls, motion-activated notifications, and smarter features to keep you connected at home.

Horizontal viewing angle of 360 degrees

The Netvue dog camera has a 100 ° wide angle lens and digital pan / tilt / zoom. The horizontal viewing angle is 360 degrees. With the Netvue app, you can remotely control the viewfinder to monitor a larger area. Let Netvue record the good times for your children and pets, save and create albums for your loved ones on all the important moments.

High quality image

Netvue Wi-Fi dog display is equipped with a 10 * 850nm infrared LED, which can automatically switch to night vision mode in dark places. Even on a very dark night, you can see up to 40 feet in 1080p HD. Dog camera with phone app can automatically adjust color and brightness for continuously providing clear video with high resolution.

Sharing means caring

With Netvue indoor security cameras, multiple users can watch videos simultaneously and share happy moments with family or friends anytime and anywhere. Clear speech and dialogue quality can be achieved during the live broadcast. Wherever you go, you can share the security camera with your friends and family and have fun.

Use with Alexa

The Netvue Smart WiFi Indoor Camera works perfectly with Alexa Echo Show. Once you say "Alexa, show me my baby's room," the scene is displayed on the Echo Show. Whether you cook, read or watch TV, you can always take care of your little one.

Cloud storage and data protection

With Netvue Smart-Clip, you can edit video recordings on your mobile phone. Real-time videos and animations are uploaded to the AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Service), which can be accessed for 10 and 60 days, respectively. In addition to that, you can also save videos to a micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 128GB. This home camera protects your data and privacy with 256-bit AES encryption and TLS encryption protocols. Seat tables.

Netvue 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera
Netvue 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera

  •  Two audio channels and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Netvue dog camera keeps you in touch with your family or pet anytime and anywhere with the built-in speaker. This pet camera uses noise filtering technology to create a two-way conversation. Netvue dog camera can be used with phone app for 2.4GHz WiFi (5G WiFi not supported), WiFi can be quickly set up via Netvue app on iPhone / Android / tablet (not laptop / MAC).
  • 1080P FHD Provides Full 360 Degree View With PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) Function For Netvue App, Netvue Indoor Security Camera provides 360 degree panoramic view from all corners of home / home. This two-way pet camera has audio and video with a field of view of 100 ° -360 ° horizontal rotation and 105 ° vertical rotation. You can share live broadcasts with your loved ones around the clock via the Netvue app. Enjoy wonderful memories with your family with this Netvue Camera.
  • Real time people detection alert. Netvue Puppy Cam offers real-time motion detection and motion tracking. A portable alarm will be sent to your phone to alert you to potential dangers in your home. This indoor surveillance camera can be used in conjunction with the application of AI technology, invalid alarm filtering and target optimization algorithms to make the alarm very accurate.
  • Cloud storage and protect privacy. AWS can provide up to 60 days of cloud storage for event video recording. This dog camera with phone app also supports local storage, recording, sound and motion detection via microSD card (not included, max 128GB). Both can play videos for up to 10 days. Netvue indoor security cameras provide the very best in data protection and data protection with 256-bit AES and TLS encryption.
  • Night vision device and collaboration with Alexa. The Netvue dog camera is equipped with a 10 * 850nm infrared LED, which can automatically switch to night vision mode in dark places. This indoor security camera allows you to enjoy enhanced video clarity and super night vision up to 32 feet for an enhanced night vision experience. Netvue dog camera with audio and app works well for Alexa. You can ask Alexa to show you the front door, the nursery, or whatever you want to see.

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