OIVO Vertical Cooling Stand for Xbox One
OIVO Vertical Cooling Stand for Xbox One

OIVO Vertical Cooling Stand for Xbox One / S / X, OIVO fan with controller charging console including LED display

  • 【Xbox All-in-1 Storage for Xbox One, Vertical Stand for Console and Simultaneous Games / S / X + 2 x Fans + Charging Station with 2 Controllers + 6 x USB dongle + 15 x Game Slot + USB HUB + 15, 3 inch USB cable (controller not included)
  • [Improved cooling system] Two built-in high-speed fans provide strong heat dissipation. The metal case keeps your console cool and quiet and prevents plasma overheating.
  • LED display and battery work together. The charging indicator in red and green will inform you that it is fully charged and fully charged. Special charging station for rechargeable batteries (original batteries and some third-party devices that can be charged in the console after installation) and charged via USB dongle. You can still connect it to your Xbox One console. It is very convenient to use.
  • 【Special design to protect fast charging and overcharging. It can charge original Xbox One Xbox battery and can charge in console after installed. Also, the Xbox console can be charged in 1.5 hours and 2.5-4 hours without waiting any longer. Charge it safely overnight. You don't need to worry about issues like overload / overheating / over current / over voltage / short circuit / over discharge. Note: The charger will stop working when the console is turned off or asleep.
  • (15 Toy Storage Zones: 15 slots are used to organize playing space and toy storage to keep it clean and easy to access. (Please note that the game console does not contain the console.)

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