Review Oriflame Wired Controller for Playstation 4
Oriflame Wired Controller for Playstation 4

Oriflame Playstation 4 Cable Controller, Professional USB Cable Controller for Playstation 4, Compatible with Windows 7/8 / XPC

Product Details:
1. This joystick is compatible with PS4 console and PC (Windows 7/8 / XP. Note: Windows 10 might not be compatible).
2. The common cable connection can ensure stable signal transmission. The length of the USB cable is 6.5 feet.
3. Two asymmetric motors on the left and right provide double effect function.
4. The built-in colored light indicates the joystick channel. When you connect the joystick to a PS4 controller, the light color changes.
5 The joystick can be updated with updated software by connecting to a PC.
6. The joystick does not contain touch function, pin function, headphone and headphone input function.

Due to different games, the functionality of this button may differ from game to game and actual operation will take priority.
The PS4 wired controller does not have MIC and audio jack functions and does not support headphones.
Packing: 1 ps4 console cable with soda bag protection.

Delivery Instructions:

1. Connect to the PS4 console
A-Power On the PS4 controller, connect the console's USB connector to the console's USB port, then press the console's HOME button. The LED flashes quickly. If the LED display is always lit, this means: the connection is established, so the control of this device is ready for operation.
Color LED control screen: trigger status display. Press the HOME button, the LED strip will light up in order in blue, red, green, and pink and each controller is set up to set the trigger connection controls.
Up to two C-Up wired controllers can be connected to PS4 controller at the same time, and different colored LED lights indicate different players.

2. Connect to the computer
Connect the console's USB connector to the computer's USB port. You must install the PS4 driver before you can use the console. The console can be used as a wired game console for computers. When connected to a computer, the vibration function is not supported.

Oriflame Wired Controller for Playstation 4
Oriflame Wired Controller for Playstation 4

  • The controller is designed specifically for the PlayStation 4 controller and uses the wired Dual Shock 4 controller, which is "an ideal replacement for the low-cost Sony Dualshock 4 controller".
  • In addition to operating the inclination angle of the game console, the three-axis acceleration information of the XYZ 3D space can also be recorded and all the recorded information can be quickly transferred to the game system. With this feature, players can use this PS4 console to play special games.
  • It is equipped with the latest motion detection technology, a built-in 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerator. These three functions can be used to find multi-directional dynamic information such as roll, pitch and yaw.
  • It also has a new feature: a dual-point capacitive sensor touchpad on the front of the console. The share button enables easy social interaction with instant video playback and screen download.
  • Note: The middle button is a tactical button, not a touch map. The console does not have the MIC and audio jack functions nor does it support headphones. The console is suitable for PS4 and PC (Windows 7/8 / XP, Windows 10 might not be compatible), but not for PS3.

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