Oussirro Xbox 2.4GHZ Wireless Game Controller
Oussirro Xbox 2.4GHZ Wireless Game Controller

Oussirro Controller for Xbox One 2.4GHz Wireless Game Console Game Joystick Remote Controller for Xbox One / P3 / PC Windows 7/8/10 Dual Vibration Gamepad


1. 2.4GHz radio technology, the effective distance is about 33 feet
2. Dual motor support vibration
3. Equipped with lithium battery, it can work up to 10 hours
4. No driver is required and the console can work when connected to XBONE, PS3 or PC.
5. Without driver software, you can easily switch to X input or D input on PC
6. Seven series of buttons and joysticks are sensitive and easy to control
7. You can connect up to two wireless controllers to your console at the same time.
8. You can still enjoy the game when you charge the console.
9-2.4G radio receiver can be updated via computer software.

Here's how to connect to Xbox One

1. Connect the receiver to the console's USB port. The receiver screen flashes.
When the remote control is turned off, press the button on the receiver to activate the remote control.
2. Press the HOME button to control and the console light will flash.
3. If the lights on the control and receiver are still lit, the connection is successful.

How to connect to a computer

1. Connect the XBOX device in the same way.
2. Press and hold the HOME button for 5 seconds to switch to X-INPU and D-INPU modes.

Oussirro Xbox 2.4GHZ Wireless Game Controller
Oussirro Xbox 2.4GHZ Wireless Game Controller

  • Extended System Compatibility: Oussirro Wireless Controller for Xbox One is also compatible with Microsoft Xbox One S / One X / P3 / PC Windows 7/8/10 gaming system. If you are connecting to Xbox 1 console, P3 console, or PC, no driver is required and the console will work.
  • 2.4GHz wireless connection function: The Xbox One Wireless Controller includes a new 2.4GHz wireless adapter that allows you to remove cables and achieve a range of up to 30 feet. They are not affected by other wireless devices with strong anti-interference functions.
  • Dual Shock: The built-in dual reaction engine is great for racing, shooting, fighting and sports games and enhances the gaming experience. It provides a smooth gaming experience and maximum comfort.
  • Ergonomic design and PC-sensitive controller: A more sensitive joystick and improved arrow keys ensure greater operating precision. 3D joystick gives you the most realistic gaming experience, just as if you were in a game.
  • Up to 10 hours of gaming fun: The built-in 600mAh lithium battery of the Oussirro console for Xbox 1 provides 8-10 hours playing time. The package includes a charging cable. The charging time is 2-3 hours. Even when the console is charged, you can still enjoy the game.

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