PDP Media Remote for Xbox Series X
PDP Media Remote for Xbox Series X

Want quick and easy access to all your favorite movies, TV shows, music, videos and apps? Coordinate with your Xbox media remote control. There is no need to pause the movie to right-click the console. The traditional TV remote control design gives you quick access to playback, skip and volume controls, as well as common Xbox controls such as a, B, X, Y, and D-pad. Illuminated motion activation button helps you find the right button even in the dark. By updating the design to extend battery life, you can monitor the boost without worrying about replacing it. Multimedia remote control lets you control your Xbox anytime anywhere.

  • You can easily switch between Xbox One or Xbox Series X media apps.
  • Activate the background motion button
  • Easily control volume, power, etc.
  • The traditional and compact design of this TV remote control makes mobility easy
  • Xbox officially licensed

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