QY PS4 Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Adapter Transmitter
QY PS4 Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Adapter Transmitter

QY Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Adapter Transmitter APTX digital microphone with built-in low latency USB C connector, suitable for Sony PS4 headphones and Bluetooth compatible with Nintendo adapters

Bluetooth adapter for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC

Connect this bluetooth adapter to a non-bluetooth device. Your device can transfer the sound to a bluetooth headset via bluetooth

Plug and use

The USB C port is easy to use, and the buttons on both headphones allow for quick and easy pairing

Supports multiple devices

QY Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Adapter. Use bluetooth 5.0 to connect wireless devices such as Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, Dock, PS4, PC, laptop, etc.

Adapter without battery

No additional batteries required, the adapter is powered directly from the connected device

Bluetooth 5.0 - new technology

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless connectivity standard. It is used most commonly in wireless headphones and other audio devices, as well as in wireless keyboards, mice, and game controllers. Bluetooth is also used to communicate between various smart home devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

If you want to use the headphone with the supplied adapter, you can connect the microphone for voice chat to the headphone jack and connect the USB adapter.

Delete user instruction, aptX, aptX Low Latency, or SBC cipher stream.

This Nintendo Switch bluetooth transmitter can achieve high definition wireless audio streaming. Game audio can be played out loud through the Bluetooth speakers or heard discreetly through Bluetooth headphones.

QY PS4 Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Adapter Transmitter
QY PS4 Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Adapter Transmitter

  • [Included with these devices]: Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, PS4, and PC with Win8 or higher. Supports bluetooth headphones and all wireless bluetooth headphones bluetooth 5.0, 4.0, 3.0 or 2.1. Dual connections are also supported. Therefore, in a two-player game, they both can hear the sound.
  • [Easy to use]: Plug and play, connect and enjoy. Easy connection settings for two headphones. The LED indicator displays the active audio codec and headphones in use.
  • [Small and portable, takes up no space]: Sleek, discreet black, slim shape of about 5mm. Hidden buttons and small LED lights on the back don't cause any visual disturbances in the game.
  • [Digital audio and ultra-low latency]: Transfer digital audio directly from the USB-C port. Qualcomm chipset offers ultra-low latency transfer via aptX or aptX. When used with headphones / speakers other than aptX, the standard SBC is used.
  • [USB Type C]: A specially designed Bluetooth transmitter for Nintendo Adapter. Install the switch securely and optimally

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