Seagate STEA4000407 Xbox 4TB External Hard Drive
Seagate STEA4000407 Xbox 4TB External Hard Drive

Seagate STEA4000407 Game Drive for Xbox 4TB Portable External Hard Drive, White USB 3.0, Designed specifically for Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass subscription for 2 months, 1 year backup service

Stop removing games from your Xbox console to make room for new games. Use a 4 TB portable external hard drive to store 100+ games and join the Xbox Game Card for a limited time to access 100 more games for free. Game Drive Special Edition for Xbox Game Pass delivers lag-free performance, fast step-by-step setup, and plug-and-play USB 3.0 power cord. It uses a luxurious white design, a great accessory to any gaming environment, and the compact shape that can travel anytime means the adventure can be seen anywhere.

Final game plan

Access to over 100 adventures on Xbox One and PC. New Xbox Game Studios games will be released on launch day.

Play with friends on the most advanced multiplayer network with Xbox Live Gold.

Receive exclusive offers and discounts for members.

It is not a dream. It's Xbox Game Pass. You can now enjoy the Xbox Special Edition Game Drive. 2 TB drives come with a free one-month subscription, and 4 TB drives come with a two-month free subscription.

Seagate STEA4000407 Xbox 4TB External Hard Drive
Seagate STEA4000407 Xbox 4TB External Hard Drive

  • With 4 TB of storage capacity on this portable external hard drive, you can store over 100 games and access over 100 other games for free with a limited-time membership on your Xbox game card.
  • Enjoy lag-free gaming and full throttle performance with an optimized Xbox flash hard drive
  • Immerse yourself in the action with a quick step-by-step setup and Plug-and-Play USB 3.0 power cord
  • With its luxurious white design, this gaming hard drive is the perfect accessory for any gaming environment. Thanks to its compact and easy-to-travel shape, your adventure can be seen everywhere.
  • A one-year limited warranty and one-year emergency medical service give you peace of mind in the long run

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