SHINEZONE PS4 Controller with Built-in Speaker
SHINEZONE PS4 Controller with Built-in Speaker

SHINEZONE PS4 Wireless Game Controller with Built-in Speaker / Gyroscope / Dual Touch / Vibration Control Panel, Suitable for PS4 / Pro / Slim / PS3 / PC Steam / iPad / Android

  • [PS4 Controller] Our PS4 console can be used on PS4 / PS3 / PC / iOS / Android and other platforms and it is compatible with the latest version. It has gyroscopic sensor, bluetooth, touchpad, speaker, dual-mode vibration, ergonomics, long working hours and other features that can provide more realistic and exciting gaming experience. To date, the cumulative global sales volume has exceeded 100,000, which is something many users appreciate.
  • [Strict Quality Management] The quality inspection should check dozens of items such as appearance, buttons, bluetooth, and gyroscopic sensors. Failure rate is much lower than 0.1%, please rest assured purchase. (Connecting a standard CTIA to standard OMTP devices affects sound level and sound quality.)
  • [Good sense of existence This product is equipped with a gyroscope sensor and a high-precision vibration function. You can tilt the controller to control the character. It makes people feel good about games like Nioh 2, WB Games Cars 3, Minecraft Starter Collection, etc. Because SEKIRO has a touch screen, it can interact faster, more conveniently and update to the fastest speed to help you win. (The PS4 console does not support FPS and TPS games.)
  • Excellent stability and long battery life] With stable wireless technology, the maximum communication distance between PS4 console and PS4 / PS3 / PC can reach 10 meters, and the game can be played smoothly without time limit. Up to 4 people collaborate with the standard Family / Friends game for a better gaming experience. With a 500mAh battery, it takes about 3 hours to charge and can work for 10 hours when fully charged after playing.
  • [Customer Promise] SHINEZONE is committed to developing high-quality, multifunctional PS4 console products that customers can enjoy. We strive to provide the best service. You can sincerely appreciate the service. The console features a unique multifunctional design. Compared to DualShock 4, it is cheaper. Recommended for PS4 fans.

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