SteelSeries PS4 Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
SteelSeries PS4 Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Steel Series 61473 Arctis Pro Wireless HD and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 and PC-Black

Arctic Pro Wireless features reliable dual wireless technology, 2.4G lag-free wireless audio, portable Bluetooth audio, along with a high-fidelity 40,000kHz speaker and transparent microphone which is the ultimate gaming audio system. Additionally, the Arctic pro Wireless is equipped with high-quality materials such as brushed steel and aluminum alloys, arctic ski goggles, and high-performance fabric ear cushions. Wireless multi-input transmitter, OLED display and replaceable battery make the gaming audio system flexible and powerful.

High definition audio made its debut in the game

High-fidelity speaker drivers and lag-free wireless solutions make Arctis Pro Wireless the only high-fidelity wireless audio system for gaming.

Hear everything with HD Engine

Advanced speakers with high-performance magnets can produce high-fidelity sound of up to 40,000Hz.

The ClearCast noise cancellation microphone

Two-way Arctis ClearCast microphones provide excellent noise cancellation and clarity.

The first DTS headphone introduced in the game: X v2.0

Next generation popular DTS surround sound headphones: With X v2.0, you can immerse yourself in it.

Excellent fabric for ski goggles

The elastic fabric perfectly adapts the curves of your entire head, comfortably distributes weight and eliminates pressure points.

AirWeave ear pads

AirWeave ear cushions made of high-performance sports-inspired fabrics keep your ears cool and dry.

Durable steel headband

The premium head frame made of light steel gives a cool feel.

SteelSeries PS4 Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
SteelSeries PS4 Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

  • Dual wireless technology delivers powerful sound, 2.4g lossless wireless gaming audio, and Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices
  • High-fidelity loudspeakers with high-intensity neodymium magnet can output a full frequency range from 10 to 40,000Hz with stunning realism and clarity
  • Luxurious and lightweight steel and aluminum-alloy construction provides maximum durability and a comfortable fit. Headphone sensitivity: 102dB SPL
  • The two replaceable batteries provided allow you to charge one battery on the base station while the other battery uses the other for more than 20 hours
  • Cast Iron Microphones are the best of the gaming microphones, providing studio-quality sound and masking background noise. More information can be found in the attached PDF file under the technical data of these operating instructions
  • Communication technology: wireless, bluetooth. Microphone frequency response -100-10000Hz. Two-way microphone with polarized noise cancellation
  • Components Includes: Arctis Pro Wireless Headphone; Transmitter base station; USB audio cable Toslink optical cable; Portable windshield microphone portable audio cable
  • SteelSeries cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of products sold by retailers outside of Amazon and therefore make no warranty claims. Authorized Distributors:, Adorama Inc, Encore Technology, Spacebound

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