Sunwaytek H510 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Sunwaytek H510 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Sunwaytek H510 Pro mechanical controller for Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, iOS and Linux devices

Since we have been selling third-party game consoles for many years, various issues arose between the obvious suppliers and the dissatisfied customers. The drive to create better products continues to appear in our hearts.

One year later (until 2020) the new H510 Wireless Controller from Sunwaytech, then from the H511 Black. Not only is it a traditional gamepad with Xbox layout, but it has some differences. It has a mechanical linear switch, a patented joystick control panel, analog trigger for magnetic sensor and ergonomics. Unique learning function. Whether it is on TV, PC or mobile phone, wireless or wired, for entertainment or competition, it can provide an enjoyable gaming experience.
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Dismantling Sunwaytek H510

Obviously, it differs from mechanical game machines. In fact, there is more. In addition to these innovative features we are proud of, we have selected the best branded components for each component to ensure their durability, including ALPS fingerprints, Omron touch keys and more. We are not played with a lot of technical concepts and skills, we make a good product from the bottom of our hearts so that it will be with you in the happy times.

Linear mechanical switch

The first gamepad to use a mechanical switch. Linear feel with minimal traction can result in fast response and smooth running, and is best for fast-moving breeds.

D-pad arcade game joystick

The patented D-Pad works like an arcade gamepad and it's easy to record precise inputs in separate directions in eight ways. A good choice for fighting games.

Magnetic induction actuator

The H510 with Linear Hall Sensor contains an analog player that can be used as an Xbox 360 / Xbox One controller on Windows and other compatible platforms.

Sunwaytek H510 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Sunwaytek H510 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

  • With various platforms compatible with Nintendo Switch / NSL, Windows (including Steam), Android, Apple devices, Fire TV, etc., you can get more than just an alternative to the Switch Pro console.
  • A variety of ABXY mechanical switches can provide an unparalleled fast and smooth linear feel (not hard). The patented arcade joystick like the D-Pad is intuitive and ergonomic, something you've never experienced before on a gamepad.
  • DURABLE - The use of leading brand components (such as the ALPS joystick controller) can ensure stable performance. Not all buttons use rubber domes. These buttons are easy to carry, but are widely used on other controllers
  • A simple, great, and crisp gaming experience while maintaining basic functions, incl. Motion sensor, analog shutter release, and rechargeable battery free you from tedious work and tedious settings
  • Support - You can easily find any product life issues on the official website and guarantee quick help until you are satisfied

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