Swann 1080p Night Vision Home Security Camera System
Swann 1080p Night Vision Home Security Camera System

Swann SWDVK-445804V Home Security Camera System, 4 Channel Surveillance Cable 4 DVR HD 1080p, 1 TB Hard Disk, Waterproof, Color Night Vision, Temperature and Motion Sensor, Alexa + Google

Speak, you can see

Now you can watch what's happening on TV hands-free. Use voice commands with Google Assistant and Chromecast to stream video from your security camera to your TV or Google Home Hub. You can customize the command, for example b. "OK Google, tell me the front door." Your security is getting smarter!

Truly reliable real security detector

Swann cameras are equipped with True Detect technology, which can detect heat and movement of objects such as people and cars. True Detect plays reliable push notifications, creates more efficient video recordings, and reduces false triggers caused by wind, rain, trees, and other dangerous movements

Accurate and secure push notifications

When the camera detects heat from moving objects (like people and cars), it will notify you instantly so you can check what happened on the camera and act accordingly.

The screenshot will be saved to your Dropbox account

Configure the system to upload still images to a Dropbox account in the cloud. Even if your security system is stolen, you can rest assured that you will be able to log in and access the recording from the security camera.

View homes on mobile

No matter where you are, you can use the HomeSafe View app to view live video from the camera and play the recording on your smartphone or tablet.

Weather resistant camera for all climates

Install a sturdy and durable outdoor camera that it can withstand day, day, rain or rain lamp, snow, sun, dust, and resist inclement weather.

Swann 1080p Night Vision Home Security Camera System
Swann 1080p Night Vision Home Security Camera System

  • More 1080P HD Video Content: This advanced 4-camera, wired DVR camera system, DVR-4580, can recognize faces, tattoos and logos on clothing, as well as labels on cardboard boxes, 1080p HD video, license plates and other shots Nearby. The durable camera casing provides protection from rain, snow, heat and other environments around the clock. Each PRO-1080MSB camera has a 90-degree viewing angle and 100-foot night vision, so there is no blind spot.
  • Tired of paying for extra storage? Enjoy video storage at no extra cost: This wired security system provides reliable protection for homes, offices and businesses around the clock. Knowing you always have video evidence in the event of an accident, you can rest assured. Save this month's videos for free to this mega 1 TB hard drive and upload these clips to the cloud by linking the DVR to your Dropbox account.
  • Real-time heat detection and motion detection: This high-quality DVR security system can detect hot moving objects (such as people and cars), play recordings and push notifications so you can take immediate action to prevent unwanted activity. With reliable notifications and less false stimuli, you can save time and stress. Swann's smart search technology allows you to select a specific area of ​​the image to search for motion in the recording.
  • Smarter security: "Alexa, show me the front door." Compatible with Alexa-enabled smart devices, such as Echo Show, Echo Spot, and 4K Fire TV. It's also compatible with Google Assistant and Chromecast. The latest Swann Security app lets you livestream, play videos, receive notifications, and more. Multiple cameras and multiple locations on your mobile device.
  • We support you: our security cameras can not only support your back, but also your back. Everything you need to get started is in the box, including cables, mice, stickers, and accessories. If something goes wrong, your Swann safety camera system is backed by a full 12-month warranty.

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