Taotique Touch Screen Fitness Trackers Smart Watch

Smart Watch, Taotique Touchscreen Fitness Tracker with Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, Pedometer & Calories, Waterproof Pedometer, SMS Call Notification for Android and iOS Black

The watch itself supports 10 sports modes: walking, running, cycling, climbing, yoga, basketball, football, badminton, jumping and swimming. The app supports 15 sports modes.

Connect GPS to your phone to view running status like speed, distance and workout tracker. Training mode can help you better understand specific training data and achieve good fitness results. Taotique smart watches have useful features such as sleep rate / heart rate monitoring, blood oxygenation, music / camera remote control, no reminder, wake up, watch pause, DIY watch face, breathing exercises, mobile search

Track activities throughout the day

Our endless GPS watch can track activity data like steps, average speed, distance, calories burned etc. throughout the day. After the device is paired with the YFit app, you can use a special GPS system to display the motion path on your smartphone. It is very suitable for running, cycling, traveling and other outdoor activities.

Heart rate monitor

The heart rate watch is designed with Tianyi Hexin 3300 monitoring technology, which can monitor the heart rate status in real time. You can view the dynamic heart rate graph with the YFit app.

Monitor blood oxygen

This fitness tracker with oxygen monitor can closely monitor key indicators of your health. You can read these indicators directly on the watch in real time to better understand your health and make appropriate adjustments to your lifestyle.

 Auto sleep tracking

The female smart watch automatically tracks and analyzes your sleep time and quality, and can display deep sleep, light sleep and total sleep time. It can improve your sleep and help you develop good sleep habits.

Contact message reminder

If for some reason your mobile phone is not at hand, then this smartphone can also become your true companion. You can receive messages, calls, mobile app messages, e-mail, calendar notifications, read messages directly on your watch (never reply to messages) and be notified quickly of important events.

Smart reminder

It supports calling / schedule / sitting / drinking / goal achievement / low battery reminder and breathing training. It also has alarm, stopwatch and timer functions. Our fitness watch helps you plan better every day.

DIY clock face

Support 3 different watch faces. You can also set your favorite photos as watch faces, for example b- Pictures of family members, friends, girlfriends or famous stars. You can change it anytime and anywhere. Make your day bright with different watch faces.

Remote camera

Turn on the smart watch remote control camera, you can shake your wrist or your watch to take photos.

When taking pictures is not appropriate, gently shake the watch and the phone will take pictures automatically.

Take control of your music

With just one click, you can play or pause the music and change tracks without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Find your cell phone

If you can't find your phone, you can use the watch's search function to find it right away. For older moms or busy moms, this is definitely a very important thing.

IP68 waterproof

The waterproof swimming watch can be worn while washing hands, sweating, rain, showering or swimming, but is not suitable for hot water and deep diving.


The stopwatch helps you get the most of your time, set tax targets, and maximize potential.


Taotique Touch Screen Fitness Trackers Smart Watch
Taotique Touch Screen Fitness Trackers Smart Watch

  •  IP68 waterproof color touch screen display with 1.4 inch high definition color screen, high sensitivity touch screen and 5 screens with adjustable brightness levels, providing excellent picture quality visual experience. The screen will light up when you raise your wrist and place it down. The screen will get darker in time. IP68 waterproof activity design, you can wear it to wash your hands, walk in the rain, shower, swim, etc. (Except for deep diving and hot water), this watch can perfectly meet your daily needs.
  • 💎 Multiple sports modes and GPS smart sports watch supports 15 sports modes to meet your different sports needs such as: b. Indoor running, outdoor running, outdoor cycling, hiking, free exercise, oval, mountaineering, rope skipping, weightlifting, yoga, basketball, football, badminton, and table tennis. A GPS fitness tracker can be connected to your phone to generate statistics like speed and distance and to record a map of the training path.
  • 💎 Heart Rate & Sleep Monitor - The watch can use the latest built-in optical sensor to effectively measure heart rate and sleep quality. To better understand your health and adjust and improve your living conditions, you can always view real-time data and follow charts on the phone. You can see current data in the watch or log data in the app.
  • Erinnerungen Smart Reminders & Multifunctional Features - Fitness watches include call reminders, calendar reminders, SMS notifications, static reminders, goal reminders, low battery reminders, and the smart reminder feature helps you plan better every day. The watch also supports breathing exercises, alarms, stopwatches and timer, the multi-function watch brings you a more comfortable lifestyle. Fashionable and elegant smart watches are surprising gifts for you, lover, family and friends on special days.
  • B. Long Battery Life and Wide Compatibility - Our smart watch adopts a large capacity 180mAh battery design that allows you to charge for more than 15 days after 2-4 hours, so you can play more and more, and charge less. Battery life and charge cycles vary based on usage, settings, and other factors. This fitness watch supports most smartphones with Bluetooth 5.0 or above, iOS 9.0 or above and Android 5.0 or above.

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