Turtle Beach Xbox One Headset Audio Controller
Turtle Beach Xbox One Headset Audio Controller

Turtle Beach Sound Controller TBS-0285-01 is suitable for Xbox Series XS and Xbox One to enhance your listening experience with listening, gaming, piercing microphone, independent volume control and discussions settings. With the variable microphone monitoring function, you can not only shout into the microphone, but also can enjoy a more comfortable speaking experience, and the bass boost function can achieve ultra-low volume.

Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus is officially licensed for Xbox One and takes in-game audio to a new level, such as: b. Super competitive hearing, standalone gameplay, chat controls, four equalizer presets including bass boost and variable microphone monitoring

Hearing aid extension

With the unique sound settings of the Turtle Beach Superman hearing aid, you can hear all the subtle and subtle sounds like the ghost behind you, reload the enemy's weapon before the ambush, and stop the enemy vehicle. Get supplies to gain a competitive advantage to supply. Making critical life or death decisions in a moment is an important intelligence. These selections can allow the best players to outperform the rest. Listen to everything. Everyone hit

Independent control of game and chat volume

Independent tuning, easy to find the perfect balance between game audio and chat voice.

Watch the changing microphone

Speak ... don't shout thanks to the headphone volume that prevents teammates and other players from yelling at them.

Turtle Beach Xbox One Headset Audio Controller
Turtle Beach Xbox One Headset Audio Controller

  • Your New Voice Features: Designed by Turtle Beach, with all new innovations and the ultimate audio experience in the Xbox One chatting game. Suitable for Xbox Series X S and Xbox One console
  • Superman Listening Mode: Use Superman Listening Mode to detect silent audio signals such as enemy footsteps and weapons reload. You can access Superman's hearing with the click of a button
  • Game and Microphone Presets: Optional game presets to customize your voice
  • Stop Screaming: Use the rotating microphone screen to adjust the headphone volume so you don't have to shout
  • Comprehensive control dialog: Headphone volume control has powerful in-ear, game and chat audio mix, master volume and microphone mute

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