Victure PC420C 1080P 4Pcs Indoor Security Camera
Victure PC420C 1080P 4Pcs Indoor Security Camera

Victure 4pcs 1080P Indoor Security Camera with 2.4GHz Home Surveillance Camera for Pets, Babies, Babysitters, Motion Detection, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision Compatible with iOS and Android

Viture indoor wifi camera system

With the Victure Wifi Camera, you can monitor your home, babies and pets outdoors and provide you and your loved ones with adequate safety. While monitoring motion, this WiFi camera will instantly send notifications to your phone via IPC360 app. You can also use the two-way voice feature to talk to your loved ones.

[Motion detection]

While monitoring activity, this baby monitor sends a notification to your phone via the IPC360 app, activates motion detection and keeps the app running in the background. You can then monitor your home and your baby even when you are outside.

[Bidirectional audio]

Includes two-way audio support with built-in microphone and speakers. You can chat with your lover anytime you want, turn on app volume and phone ringtone, then chat as much as you want.

[Automatic night vision]

With the invisible infrared LED light, you can see your baby clearly even in the dark without disturbing him. When the light is dim, the camera automatically turns on the infrared LED. However, do not place the camera near the glass, otherwise the infrared LED will be affected.

Victure PC420C 1080P 4Pcs Indoor Security Camera
Victure PC420C 1080P 4Pcs Indoor Security Camera

  • 1080P FHD 1080P FHD home security camera with night vision function is equipped with 8 infrared lights to ensure that we can see the real-time video clearly in the dark and not miss any points.
  • Real-time motion detection - Home security cameras with real-time motion detection function are very important and very important to our life as well. If there is any suspicious movement in the house, it can detect and save it to a micro SD card or cloud card and send a notification to you.
  • Built-in dual-channel clear audio microphone - 48dB. When you are not at home, you can talk to your loved ones using your phone app. You can then answer these questions with this surveillance camera for indoor use.
  • Micro SD Card and Cloud Service - This WiFi security camera supports micro SD card and cloud video recording services. A 64GB micro SD card recommended with the C10. The first month of cloud services can be tested for free. (Please note that micro SD cards or cloud services can only support one device.)
  • With this simple connection, you can add this smart home security camera to your 2.4GHz WiFi individually in the same app. Then, when these cameras have the protection they need, the safety can be unleashed. If there are any errors, ask Victure for help. We stand behind these surveillance cameras, we are here for you.

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