Vimtag Wireless Indoor Security Camera
Vimtag Wireless Indoor Security Camera

Wireless Security Camera Indoor Security Camera - Vimtag IP Dome Surveillance, 1080P HD Home WiFi Camera, with Intelligent Motion Tracking, Night Vision, 360 Degree Voice Two Way Baby Monitor, Pet Monitor Camera - Alexa

Instant smart detection

Vimtag's indoor WiFi Camera records and warns automatically when it detects motion and triggers push notifications to stay informed without constantly monitoring Vimtag! The alarm videos can be saved to a local SD card and in the cloud, where you can view, download and delete them freely.

With face / voice recognition function

The Vimtag Security Camera will record and record videos automatically after face / speech recognition, which is really smart! Alarm notifications are quickly sent to your mobile phone so you can protect your home in time.

Use with Amazon Alexa

Vimtag Cam works with Alexa. Activate the Alexa skill Vimtag app. Then you can say "Alexa, show me the Nursery" on echo to watch live broadcasts from your IP camera, whether you are cooking, reading or watching TV. Vimtag gives you peace of mind.

See the entire room clearly

Don't worry about family safety and babysitting at night. Vimtag WIFI Camera has done this for you. With the help of infrared LEDs and automatic IR-CUT, you can achieve superior night vision effects that provide clear images at a distance of up to 10 meters without causing light pollution.

It's easy to see the whole room

When you are away from home, the Vimtag IP Camera allows you to talk to anyone who is important to you. The unique microphone and speaker design reduces engine sound while providing high-quality sound.

Quickly get a look at the entire room

With the Vimtag camera, you get full 360 ° coverage that can be rotated and monitored in seconds. 1080P Full HD and 8x Digital Zoom can be used together to make the picture quality clearly visible and you won't miss any small details.

View the entire room by computer / phone

Home camera supports multiple users while watching on iPhone / Android phones, computers, and tablet software. You can share the camera with your friends and family and have a good time. It can manage multiple cameras so you can monitor everything at home.

Vimtag Wireless Indoor Security Camera
Vimtag Wireless Indoor Security Camera

  •  [1080P FULL HD and 360 degree PTZ docks have a left-to-right rotation range of 350 degrees, vertical tilt of 100 degrees plus 8x digital zoom for Vimtag IP camera and 1080P FULL HD resolution. This Wi-Fi shows the Smart Home Indoor-Fi network. Ultra-clear picture and smooth, real-time videos. You can monitor the home anytime and anywhere
  • [Super Night Vision & Two Way Sound] The infrared LEDs can automatically turn off the infrared. With the Vimtag Safety Camera, you can see up to 10 meters in absolute darkness. Pollution is not easy! While broadcasting, use two-way audio to chat with your friends and family through the Vimtag app. Built-in microphone and loudspeaker make communication more smooth and convenient, and reduce noise
  • [Intelligent tracking, face / speech recognition and ALEXA will send real-time alerts and alerts to your mobile phone when face / voice / motion tracking is detected. Simply open the Vimtag app to quickly see what's happening and you won't miss any important action. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use your voice to see who is at the door and how is your child.
  • [Storage and data protection SD card / cloud box and cloud storage are optional and used to save and play photos and videos. Please note that the SD card is not included in the package. Cloud storage financial encryption technology, maximum data protection. No one can access IP security cameras or your private data without your permission
  • [Easy setup and bidirectional connection] Scan the QR code and download the Vimtag app from the App Store or Google Play to your smartphone, tablet, Mac or computer. The wired power connection and security camera are only compatible with 2.24Hz WiFi (5G not supported) and an Ethernet cable is required to be connected to the router. The app is constantly updated to add more features. Note: Before purchasing, log in to an official account to take the test (the account and password are "vimtag").

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