Review WEILIANTE GH-2 Gaming Headset with Microphone
WEILIANTE GH-2 Gaming Headset with Microphone

WEILIANTE GH-2 Gaming Headset with Microphone, Suitable for PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Noise Canceling Headphone with Microphone, LED Lighting, Ambient Bass, Soft Memory Ear Cover for Laptops and Macs

*** 50mm neodymium magnetic stirrer ***

Most headphones in the market come with standard 40mm speakers. Our gaming headset is equipped with a 50mm neodymium magnetic drive. Hear subtle sounds like gunshots, enemy footsteps, and stage directions, as well as unmatched 3D surround sound. You can hear it before you see it sound! The perfect partner for FPS RPG MOBA Racing and various other games.

*** Retractable microphone with noise cancellation ***

High-fidelity headphone driver provides you with powerful and clear sound. Xbox One headphones can filter out most ambient noise and offer advanced noise cancellation features so you can chat clearly with other players. If you want to enjoy valuable time without calling other players, you can turn off the microphone by operating the switch. Your teammates will not complain about current ambient or background noise.

*** Adjustable belt for the whole family ***

Based on the head statistics above, we designed a retractable head keel that is neither loose nor narrow and suitable for different age groups, from 8-year-old grandchildren to 60-year-old grandparents. Years. Leather-friendly earmuffs and breathable earpads ensure optimal wearing comfort for every player.

Why should you choose WEILIANTE GH-2 from several options?

The GH-2 Gaming Headset is the latest release for 2020, a continuation of the previous GH and SL series. Our manufacturer took 15 months to dismantle 116 popular gaming headsets and examined the experience of 11,052 gaming headsets (6,837 men and 4,215 women). Based on these studies and data acquisition, the current gaming headset is finally developed: the GH-2. This gaming headset is the ideal headphone for gamers who are looking for lightweight comfort, great sound quality, and greater comfort when playing games, listening to music or learning online. Comfortable earplugs suitable for most people, children, teens, teens and the elderly. Meanwhile, cool LED lighting is added on both sides, making this gaming headset look even cooler.

***** Compatible with several shapes, only one helmet suffices *****

We designed separate 3.5mm audio and microphone cables to work with any separate headphone and microphone input device, connect to PS4, PS4 Pro / Slim, latest Xbox One, PSP, Nintendo, PC, laptop, computer, tablet, iPad Smartphone, etc.

Not only is it a good assistant to play with, but the great sound quality makes it easy for you to enjoy the music. With just one headphone, you can enjoy a variety of the ultimate gaming experiences. So you deserve it!

***** Please check if your Xbox console has a 3.5mm connector *****

An additional adapter required for Xbox One controller (but not included in our package).
How does the headset work after connecting to the Xbox console?
1. Make sure you have the base of the Xbox One Wireless Controller to make sure your console has a 3.5mm AUX port for audio. Otherwise, you will need to use a separate Xbox One headphone adapter.
2. Connect the 3.5mm headphone audio jack to the AUX port on the base of the console.
3. Check the sound settings to ensure that your headset is selected as a dedicated audio device.
4. On your Xbox One console, click the menu button to open the console menu, then choose Settings. You can now adjust headphone volume, headphone chat mixer, and microphone volume

Earmuffs are comfortable and lightweight *****

Use soft polyurethane leather ear pads, like cotton, to relieve pressure on your ears.

The weight of the earphone is set to under 250 grams, and the highly flexible stainless steel shrapnel is carefully selected to reduce the air pressure to 2.59 Newtons, which is 20% less than most headphones. Even after a long time playing, you won't feel any discomfort from the headband and earmuffs.

 1) What is the function of the USB plug and 3.5mm jack?

The USB jack is only used for headphone LED lighting. It lights up after connecting to the computer. It can be connected to laptop, phone, iPad, computer or game console via the 3.5mm jack.

2) Can it be used with an Xbox controller?

If your Xbox console has a 3.5mm jack, you can plug in and use a headphone directly. Some older consoles without a 3.5mm jack require you to purchase an adapter (not included).

3) I plugged it into a PS4 console, but the headphone doesn't have video game audio.

Connect the 3.5mm headphone jack to the gamepad and long press the PS button or enter system settings. There will be devices. Go to Sound and Hardware settings, Headphone Out, and change it to all sounds.

4) Why does the microphone not work when connected to the computer?

An audio cable is included in the scope of delivery. Please use the included headphone splitter cable (Plug-in Y-jack) (supplied). If you are using headphones on a computer, connect the pink plug to the microphone and the blue plug to the headphones. Make sure the headphone microphone and the computer microphone are turned on. Double-click the speaker icon in the computer system tray to access the audio settings control panel. The microphone is about to work.

Review WEILIANTE GH-2 Gaming Headset with Microphone
WEILIANTE GH-2 Gaming Headset with Microphone

  • [Compatible with many platforms] This gaming headset comes with a 3.5mm plug and is highly compatible with PS4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim, Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X, PC, laptop, iPad, Chromebook and Tablet PC also has IOS, which is an Android smartphone with a 3.5mm jack. Additional Microsoft adapter required for old Xbox One console (not included). The USB interface is mainly used to influence the LED lighting of PC / Laptops etc. Via the USB port. You can enjoy different gaming experiences with just one headphone.
  • [Precise design and high quality materials gamers usually play for hours, so comfort is also the main factor when choosing a PC headset. We tested our headphones on hundreds of different headphones. Retractable straps and breathable pads ensure every player comfortably wearing. The materials have been tested thousands of times without being needed. Worried about being hit, sprained and shocks. Enjoy an excellent shelf life. It weighs only 0.66 pounds. It is also a perfect gift for gamers or teens / kids.
  • [Noise-canceling microphone and internal controller This gaming headset features a high-quality noise-canceling microphone that provides soft and breathable earpads that effectively isolate noise and allow long-term gaming without fatigue. You can adjust the volume or turn the microphone on and off with the easy-to-use controller. [Note: Before using the headset to chat, please activate the “mute button” on the left headphone.
  • [Immersive 3D surround sound with crisp sound, powerful bass, excellent noise isolation, and high-fidelity 50mm neodymium magnetic drive delivers vivid, clear and shocking sound which is very good for Call of Duty, "Monster Hunter", PC gaming headphones (headphones Computer head) such as "Warframe", Rainbowsix, "Star Wars Battlefront", "Overwatch" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" equipped with a driver with a diameter of 50 mm in flight. And the sound from Warcraft.
  • [Reliable after-sales service team. Every PC gaming headset (computer headset) goes through a strict quality inspection process before it leaves the factory. We strive to provide the best headphones for our customers. If you have any questions, please contact our After Sales Support Team. Our experienced engineers and professional support team give 24 months warranty to every customer and 3 months free returns.

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